Engwe M20 electric bike has a 90+ mile range

For on-road and off-road

The Engwe M20 is an electric bike designed for urban commuting and off-road riding. It is made by Engwe, a Chinese electric bike manufacturer that specializes in producing affordable and high-quality e-bikes.

The M20 features a lightweight aluminum alloy frame with mounting for a battery pack on the downtube and the top tube allowing it to to carry two batteries at the same time for a combined range of 94 miles.

The bike also comes with a 750W (1,000W peak) rear hub motor that can produce up to 55Nm (40.5lb-ft) of torque for 10% inclines and speeds up to 28mph (45 km/h).

Other features include a 7-speed Shimano gearset, hydraulic shocks, mechanical brakes, moto-style dual headlights, a rear light, LCD display, and 20″ wheels with 4″ fat tires.

Overall, the Engwe M20 is a practical and affordable option for those looking for a long range bike that can handle daily commuting and recreational riding.

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