Elite Wheels Drive G45: Revolutionize Your Gravel Ride Experience

Lightweight, Durable, Aerodynamic, Responsive, Striking

There's something poetic about hitting the open road or the rugged trails, feeling the crunch of gravel beneath you. A journey's essence is sometimes dictated by the tools you choose, and if you're on the hunt for a wheelset that defines excellence, let's dive into the Elite Wheels Drive G45.

What struck me first about the G45 was its incredible lightweight. Tipping the scales at just 1395 grams combined for the front and rear, this wheelset promises a swift and responsive ride. To think you're getting carbon spokes and ceramic bearings at a mere $1269 is, frankly, a bargain that’s hard to fathom. The world is rich in tales of extraordinary items found in unexpected places, and this wheelset is one such tale.

Its proprietary UNI carbon fiber layup is noteworthy. A wheel's strength and responsiveness lie in its construction, and the G45's design, featuring a U-shaped rim, provides aerodynamic advantages akin to those of a road wheel. This offers flexibility for both trail and road riding. Speaking of appearance, its glossy marble carbon fiber design doesn't just promise performance but also boasts aesthetics that are a head-turner.

Let’s talk spokes. The G45 isn't just the first gravel wheelset to use carbon spokes, but it also sets the bar high. Carbon spokes are known for their tensile strength and stiffness, attributes that lend themselves to heightened responsiveness, sharper cornering, and better power transfer. From my perspective, these are the things that can truly elevate your ride. Not to mention, the carbon spokes are also thrice as fatigue resistant compared to steel, ensuring longevity.

On the topic of durability, the G45 has passed a 20,000km rough surface test, simulating gravel riding conditions and surpassing the en17406 test standard. This isn't just a testament to the wheelset's ruggedness but also a promise of reliability.

The hub, with its double-walled waterproof design, speaks of practicality. If you've ever battled muddy conditions and faced the aftermath of cleaning, you'll appreciate the hub's straightforward design. And while we're discussing hubs, the inclusion of premium ceramic bearings, known for their reduced rolling resistance and extended service life, is a notable feature.

In conclusion, the Elite Wheels Drive G45 isn't just a wheelset; it's an invitation to elevate your gravel journey. Whether you're dancing uphill, navigating challenging singletracks, or simply cruising the roads, this wheelset ensures that every ride feels almost transcendental. However, it's worth noting that its lightweight construction can sometimes offer a tauter ride on rougher terrains, something to consider based on personal preferences.

For those in the gravel riding community seeking performance without compromising on style or budget, the G45 might just be the companion you've been waiting for. Safe travels, and may every ride offer a story worth telling.


  1. Incredible Value: At $1269, offering carbon spokes and ceramic bearings is remarkable.
  2. Lightweight: Combined weight of 1395 grams for both wheels enhances speed and agility.
  3. UNI Carbon Fiber Layup: Proprietary design ensures robustness and flexibility.
  4. Carbon Spokes: Not only are they a pioneering feature for gravel wheelsets, but they also promise higher tensile strength, stiffness, and longevity. These contribute to improved responsiveness, cornering, and power transfer.
  5. Aesthetic Appeal: The glossy marble carbon fiber design is both unique and striking.
  6. Practical Hub Design: Simplified form ensures easier cleaning, especially after muddy rides.
  7. Premium Ceramic Bearings: These reduce rolling resistance and last longer compared to steel bearings.
  8. Durability: Having passed a rigorous 20,000km rough surface test, the G45 promises resilience and longevity.
  9. Flexibility in Riding: Suitable for both road and trail rides due to its aerodynamic advantages and wide tire compatibility.


  1. Rough Ride on Tough Terrains: The lightweight carbon and stiff spokes might not absorb shocks as well, resulting in a taut ride on rough roads or gravels.
  2. Limited Cushioning: Even though the use of wider tires at lower pressures offsets some of the stiffness, some riders might still find the ride a bit jarring on challenging terrains.


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