Edelrid SALATHE LITE: Peak Performance Meets Lightweight Design!

Ultra-light, ergonomic, protective climbing helmet

If you ever find yourself clambering up a cliff face, searching for that sweet spot where body and nature merge, or braving the crisp mountain air as you carve through fresh powder, the last thing you want is to be weighed down. It's about feeling the raw elements, but safety, as ever, is paramount. Enter the Edelrid SALATHE LITE.

This climbing helmet is the stuff of legends, distilled into its purest form. Weighing in almost 20% lighter than its elder sibling, this gear might just make you forget it's there. The SALATHE LITE's ultra-light Curv® material, a cutting-edge thermoplastic, offers the kind of strength and impact resistance that would put many a heavyweight contender to shame. Think the toughness of carbon, without the weight to match.

One of the hallmarks of any great gear is its fit, and this helmet doesn’t disappoint. The ergonomic shape ensures a snug embrace around your head, without the unseemly bulk, while the deeper design means you're guarded against impacts from all angles. And for those chillier expeditions where ski goggles are the go-to, the SALATHE LITE's shape accommodates seamlessly.

Comfort, as with any journey, is key. With large vents, this helmet promises a fresh supply of mountain or valley air, keeping the dreaded helmet hair at bay while ensuring you remain cool, even when your climb heats up. And for those particularly arduous ascents where you might break a sweat, the inner padding stands ready. It’s designed to keep pressure points at bay, and when it’s done its duty, you can remove it for a quick wash.

But what about those dusky climbs or the pre-dawn starts? The helmet has you covered. It features a nifty headlamp attachment system, ensuring you’re never left in the dark, both figuratively and literally.

At $129.95, it's an investment not just in equipment, but in an experience, in feeling that bit closer to the elements without the weight of the world – or a bulky helmet – on your shoulders. The Edelrid SALATHE LITE, folks, is your ticket to a freer, yet secure ascent. Safe travels and happy climbing!


  1. Ultra-lightweight Construction: At nearly 20% lighter than its predecessor, this helmet ensures minimal strain on the climber.
  2. High-Performance Material: The innovative Curv® material used is akin to carbon in terms of rigidity, tensile strength, and impact resistance, ensuring optimal protection.
  3. Ergonomic Design: Enclosing the head snugly, this design ensures safety from impacts on all sides, while being unobtrusive.
  4. Ski Goggle Compatibility: Specifically tailored for those who use ski goggles, ensuring a seamless fit.
  5. Optimal Ventilation: Large vents promise a continuous fresh air supply, keeping the climber cool.
  6. Comfort: The removable and washable inner padding prevents pressure points and absorbs sweat.
  7. User-friendly Adjustment System: Webbing system guarantees a secure fit while reducing weight and pack size.
  8. Headlamp Attachment: Easily attachable headlamp system ensures climbers are equipped for all lighting conditions.
  9. Value for Money: Given its features and the protection it offers, the price of $129.95 can be seen as a solid investment for safety.


  1. New Material: While Curv® boasts many benefits, it's a deviation from the traditional ABS shell. Some purists or individuals might be wary of trusting a newer material.
  2. Price: For those on a tight budget, the helmet might seem a bit pricey, even with its features.
  3. Specific Design: The helmet is tailored for ski goggle use, which might not be preferred by climbers who don't use goggles.

In sum, the Edelrid SALATHE LITE seems to be a top-tier choice for serious climbers looking for lightweight yet sturdy protection, with only a few considerations to keep in mind.


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