Eccentrica Diablo Restomod Coupe: Reimagining a 90s Supercar Legend

Classic Meets Contemporary

Imagine a vintage wine aged to perfection, and now picture a beast of a machine, one that shaped the dreams of car enthusiasts worldwide during the tantalizingly futuristic 90s, having received similar treatment. The Diablo, an automotive marvel of its time that challenged speed records and stirred hearts with its visceral growl, has received a rejuvenation, a chance at a second life, from the passionate folks at Eccentrica.

There's an inherent challenge in updating a classic — maintaining its essence while enhancing its capabilities. It's akin to playing a high-stakes game, where a wrong move might tarnish the very soul of the legend. Yet, Eccentrica has risen to the occasion with the Diablo Restomod Coupe. The sculpted exterior, rendered in carbon fiber, marries the familiar form of the Diablo with a newfound muscularity. There's an unmistakable tension in its lines, a refinement that Marcello Gandini himself would have tipped his hat to. You'll find nods to the past in the reincarnation of the “pop-down” headlights from the Diablo GTR, and in the widened tracks that echo the beast's original stance.

The magic extends under the hood as well, where the rebuilt 5.7-liter V12 engine hums with renewed vitality. The power it delivers may not quite hit the 550 horsepower mark, but in concert with the upgraded suspension and Brembo monoblock brakes, it's a symphony that sings to the tune of invigorating performance. On the road, this phoenix, risen from the ashes of its past glory, is poised to dance with the devil in the pale moonlight.

Eccentrica has also shown exquisite taste in revamping the interiors, replacing plastic with higher-quality materials, all while retaining the Diablo's original analog character. The overall ergonomics and user experience have been revisited, making for a more refined, yet authentic cockpit feel.

For car enthusiasts of a certain age, the Diablo was a poster car, a symbol of aspiration and ambition. The Eccentrica Diablo Restomod, limited to 19 units and priced at a cool $1.3 million, feels like a love letter to those glory days. It's a testament to that ambitious spirit, a marriage of perfection and imperfection that makes this car a coveted possession.

To quote Emanuel Colombini, the man behind this exceptional endeavor, the restomod Diablo is like a “600hp go-kart”, a testament to the unbridled joy of driving, unhampered by the constraints of modern machinery. It's more than just an object of desire; it's a dream brought back to life with the promise of heart-stopping performance and timeless design.

The restomod trend, in essence, is about rekindling the old flames, revisiting those boyhood dreams, and living them again, only this time with a pinch of maturity, a dash of wisdom, and a whole lot of style. The Eccentrica Diablo Restomod Coupe serves as a brilliant reminder of that.


  1. Iconic Design Retained: The Eccentrica Diablo Restomod Coupe stays true to the original design, bringing back the 90's aesthetic that made the Diablo a legendary supercar. The familiar lines and iconic pop-down headlights evoke a deep sense of nostalgia.
  2. Modern Performance Enhancements: While preserving its spirit, the car benefits from contemporary performance improvements such as a rebuilt V12 engine, upgraded suspension, and Brembo monoblock brakes. These changes offer a more dynamic and engaging driving experience.
  3. Quality Material Upgrades: The interior sports higher quality materials replacing the original plastic. This elevates the overall feel and comfort, enhancing the experience for the driver and passengers alike.
  4. Limited Production Run: With only 19 units produced, owning this car provides a level of exclusivity and prestige. It's a collector's item for both car enthusiasts and those who appreciate the finer things in life.


  1. Cost: With a price tag of $1.3 million, the Eccentrica Diablo Restomod Coupe is a significant investment. It's a luxury item that may be out of reach for many enthusiasts.
  2. Power Output: Although the engine has been rebuilt, it does not quite hit the 550 horsepower mark, which could be a downside for those seeking the ultimate in performance.
  3. Availability: Given the limited production run, acquiring this car might be challenging, even for those who can afford it. The demand likely outweighs the supply, leading to potential disappointment for some potential buyers.
  4. Maintenance and Care: As with any high-performance, specialty vehicle, maintenance and care could prove costly and challenging, requiring access to specialized parts and expertise.


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