Discover the Trail Hoppers Nomad Cape: Your All-in-One Solution for Outdoor Exploration

Versatile 4-in-1 outdoor adventure companion

Ah, what a wonder it is to find a piece of gear that encapsulates the spirit of the adventurous soul. The Nomad Cape is a versatile piece that, much like a chameleon, adapts to its surroundings and serves you, the brave explorer, in all your whims and necessities.

What initially caught my attention was its 4-in-1 functionality. To call it simply a hammock, a rain poncho, a picnic blanket, or a shelter would be a disservice to its ingenuity. It transcends those labels, melding them into one essential travel tool. The Nomad Cape, as I see it, is an ode to the light traveler, a tribute to the backpacking minimalist, a love letter to the journey itself.

Now, let's unpack this little bundle of joy. As a hammock, it's a joy to swing in, with its 70D ripstop nylon offering comfort and durability. The suspension system is intuitive, with daisy chains for easy height adjustments and tree straps mindful of our environment. I was pleasantly surprised by the 150 kg load capacity. Who knew such lightweight gear could be so robust?

The metamorphosis of this chameleon-like cape into a rain poncho is smooth and practical, boasting a universal size and a fully taped hood seam that stands tall against sudden rain showers. And if you've ever been caught out in the wild during an unforeseen downpour, you'll understand how essential it is to have a trusty companion that shields both you and your gear.

As a picnic blanket, it generously spreads out to provide ample space for your mid-journey repast or a starlit tête-à-tête. And while you might not expect this, it easily transitions into a shelter, providing shade, rain protection, and a wind barrier, depending on the whims of Mother Nature.

I can't help but admire the thoughtful details, like the rolled hood inspired by dry bag designs that offer superior waterproof protection and the convenient elastic belt for easy adjustments. The materials used scream quality, and the compact, lightweight nature of the Nomad Cape adds to its charm. What's more, all these parts and parcels fit neatly into a compact storage bag. No fuss, no clutter.

The ISPO Awards 2023 jury got it spot on. The Nomad Cape truly is an epitome of the current zeitgeist, embracing the trend of lightweight yet functional equipment.

Of course, not all that glitters is gold. The Nomad Cape is no magic bullet for all outdoor situations. But it doesn't claim to be. What it does instead, it does remarkably well. It is the Swiss Army knife of outdoor gear – not perfect at any one task, but incredibly handy to have around.

A cherry on top is the attractive launch price of 89€, which, if you ask me, is a steal for the potential adventures this little package promises. My hat's off to Trail Hoppers for this imaginative creation that beautifully intertwines the spirit of travel and the versatility of gear. Here's to the many more exciting stories it's bound to write in the trails ahead!


  1. 4-in-1 Functionality: The Nomad Cape effortlessly transforms into a hammock, a rain poncho, a picnic blanket, or a shelter, making it highly versatile.
  2. Lightweight and Compact: It's designed to take up minimal space, making it a perfect fit for minimalists and lightweight backpackers.
  3. Quality Material: Made with ripstop nylon 70D and UHMWPE webbing, the cape offers durability and reliability.
  4. Environmentally Friendly Design: The inclusion of tree straps in the suspension system shows thoughtful design, as it helps prevent tree damage.
  5. Comfortable: The hammock's soft touch and comfortable setup ensure a pleasant resting experience.
  6. Waterproof: The Durable Water Repellent coating, PU coating, and the rolled hood design ensure the cape can stand against rain, making it suitable for various weather conditions.
  7. Affordable: At an introductory price of 89€, the Nomad Cape is a budget-friendly option considering its multifunctionality.


  1. Jack of All Trades, Master of None: Although the Nomad Cape has multiple functions, it might not excel in any particular one compared to specialized gear. For example, as a shelter, it might not provide as much protection as a dedicated tent would.
  2. One-size-fits-all: While the universal size could be a plus, it could also be a con for individuals who prefer custom-fitted gear. The poncho might be too large for smaller individuals or too small for larger ones.
  3. Setup Time: While the Nomad Cape is designed for quick and easy setup, transforming it between its various functions might require some time and effort, especially in challenging weather conditions.
  4. Durability: While the Nomad Cape is made with quality materials, its longevity under frequent and strenuous use remains to be seen. Also, the lighter the gear, the higher the chance of damage in some cases.
  5. Limited Load Capacity: The 150 kg load capacity of the hammock might not be suitable for all users.

89€ on Kickstarter

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