Denzel Truvor: Where Old School Meets Futuristic in an Electric Motorcycle

Carbon-clad, electric-powered, innovative scrambler

Stepping into the realm of the old and the new, the Denzel Truvor is like a beautiful symphony of both worlds. This isn't your grandad's dusty, clattering two-wheeler, nor is it the ultra-sleek, spaceship-like contraption some might expect when they hear “electric motorcycle”. No, this bike, with its whisper of history and chorus of the future, is something entirely unique.

Its carbon-fiber skeleton is both visually stunning and mechanically impressive. Not just a frame, but also a swing arm made of this material, whispering a promise of weightless strength and flexibility. A first of its kind, a path breaker – a promise of tomorrow clothed in the designs of yesteryears. This material, often reserved for the heights of luxury sports cars and high-end bicycles, gives the Truvor a gravitas that few motorcycles can claim.

At its heart, it houses an induction motor (DA85S) with a max working temperature of 150 degrees Celsius – this beast isn't just ready for speed, but for any climb. An alternate option, the IPMSM motor D7500, offers a balance of powerful traction and high speed. With either choice, you're ensured a ride that’s responsive, exhilarating, and yet incredibly smooth.

What’s really breathtaking about the Truvor is its commitment to energy efficiency. The bike employs an electric brake system with regen function. With every stop and deceleration, energy is recovered and fed back into the system. It's an embodiment of thoughtful engineering and conservation that many of us crave in our technology-driven world.

The design doesn't just serve a utilitarian purpose; it caters to the aesthetic aspect as well. Quality LED lights at the front and rear illuminate the way while ensuring you're seen. The well-crafted analog controls give you a tangible connection to the bike, a marriage of the old-school and the futuristic. The switcher systems for lights, turn signals, and the horn, along with the start/stop, sport mode, and reverse buttons, provide intuitive control and add to the charm of the ride.

Furthermore, the Truvor’s battery life is exceptional. The standard battery, a 72V 50Ah with Bluetooth, can be upgraded to a 72V 100Ah for those with an insatiable thirst for the open road. And with an onboard waterproof charger, the charging process becomes as effortless as the ride itself.

The front and rear hydraulic brakes offer a reassuringly powerful stop, and the high-quality shocks ensure you're equipped for a variety of terrains. And as for the tires? A choice between a 3.5-16” and a 90/100-19″. Either option promises a grip on the road as steadfast as your grip on the aluminum off-road pegs.

If you've got an adventurous spirit, a yearning for the open road, and an appreciation for smart, forward-thinking design, the Denzel Truvor isn't just a motorcycle; it's a statement, a journey into tomorrow. Yet, with its old-style design, it retains a nostalgic, charming feel that makes it more than just a technologically advanced vehicle. It’s a harmonious blend of the past and the future, riding into the horizon of innovation.


  1. Carbon Fiber Frame and Swing Arm: Lightweight and strong, the carbon fiber materials offer an unparalleled combination of durability and handling.
  2. Electric Motor Options: The choice between the DA85S and the IPMSM D7500 offers riders a personalized experience, whether they prioritize torque and temperature tolerance or a balance between power and speed.
  3. Energy Efficiency: The regen braking system recaptures energy during deceleration, contributing to the overall efficiency of the motorcycle.
  4. Design and Control Systems: With high-quality LED lights, an analog electric brake, and intuitive switcher systems, the Truvor is as aesthetically pleasing as it is functional.
  5. Strong Battery Life: The option between a 72V 50Ah and a 72V 100Ah battery offers either a robust standard battery life or an extended option for long rides.
  6. Quality Suspensions: The DNM M-200S front fork and DNM MK-AR rear shock ensure comfortable riding across a variety of terrains.
  7. Off-Road Capability: Aluminum off-road pegs and tire options make the Truvor well-suited for adventure seekers.


  1. Potential for High Cost: The use of high-end materials like carbon fiber and advanced tech could drive up the price, potentially making it less accessible to some riders.
  2. Limited Charging Infrastructure: While the Truvor has an impressive battery and onboard charger, the availability of charging stations can still be a challenge, especially in remote areas.
  3. Maintenance and Repair: With such advanced technology, maintenance and repairs may need to be done by specialists, which could be more expensive and less convenient than traditional motorcycle servicing.
  4. Learning Curve: With its advanced features, there might be a learning curve for riders who are not familiar with electric motorcycles.
  5. Battery Longevity: While electric motorcycle technology has advanced significantly, the longevity of the battery compared to traditional fuel systems over time could be a concern for some potential buyers.
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