Dainese Smart Jacket: Unleash Superior MotoGP Protection & Unmatched Versatility on Every Ride

Versatile vest with advanced protection

Picture this: you're about to embark on a daring two-wheeled adventure, feeling the rumble of the engine beneath you and the thrill of the open road ahead. What you wear on this journey isn't just about style or comfort—it's your lifeline, your safeguard, your piece of mind. You're not just suiting up; you're strapping on a piece of technology that’s the culmination of more than a quarter-century's worth of innovation. Let's talk about the Dainese Smart Jacket.

This marvel of engineering is more than just a jacket, or technically a vest. It's a mobile guardian angel. It's like having the reflexes of a MotoGP rider, the watchful eye of a helicopter parent, and the impenetrable defense of a medieval knight, all packed into a piece of attire that fits under your favorite riding jacket or suit. In essence, it's a personal airbag system, one that constantly monitors your surroundings and deploys when you need it most.

The Smart Jacket comes with an inbuilt brain, a clever control unit that taps into more than half a dozen onboard sensors. This ensemble keeps track of what's happening around you a thousand times a second, processing data and identifying any potential dangers, whether it's a head-on collision or a stationary vehicle at an intersection.

The real marvel, though, is the speed at which this high-tech sentinel reacts. If the unthinkable happens and an accident is imminent, this sophisticated algorithm springs into action, deploying the vest's airbag in a mere 30 milliseconds. To give you some perspective, that's at least three times faster than the blink of an eye.

The practicality of this vest doesn't stop at its protective capabilities. With its 26-hour battery life, you can wear it on those long, exhilarating rides without fretting over your safety net running out of juice. It's also waterproof, so you can cruise comfortably in any weather, and it's easily foldable for storage.

This vest embodies versatility with its ability to fit over or under any outfit, making it perfect for every motorcycle enthusiast, no matter their style or preference. And let's not forget that this Smart Jacket comes in two versions, men's and women's, each available in six different sizes.

The Dainese Smart Jacket doesn't just provide security; it offers liberation, freeing you to feel the wind in your face and the road beneath your wheels without a nagging worry at the back of your mind. With this vest, you're not just riding; you're experiencing the true freedom of the open road, with a trusty guardian angel looking over your shoulder.

Is it an investment? Yes. At $779.95, this isn't just another garment in your wardrobe. But can you put a price on safety, freedom, and peace of mind? This is more than a vest—it's an assurance, a companion, and a silent promise to get you safely to your destination, wherever the road might lead.

In a world where we strive to marry technology and utility, the Dainese Smart Jacket has created a beautiful harmony of innovation and practicality. It's the future of motorbike safety gear, wrapped up in a sleek, stylish vest. So, suit up, gear up, and ride on, with the assurance that this clever piece of tech has got your back, literally and figuratively.


  1. Advanced Protection: The jacket employs D-air® airbag technology, previously exclusive to MotoGP riders. It provides superior protection, reacting to dangerous situations and deploying an airbag around the torso within 30 milliseconds.
  2. Versatile Wear: The jacket can be worn either over or under any other clothing, making it easy to integrate into any rider's attire.
  3. Wireless Functionality: No need for connection with the motorcycle, allowing for more freedom of movement and less hassle.
  4. Weatherproof: The jacket is completely waterproof, allowing for safe riding in all weather conditions.
  5. Long Battery Life: With a battery life of up to 26 hours, you can embark on long rides without worrying about the jacket's performance.
  6. Unisex Design: It's available in both men's and women's versions, and in six different sizes, making it accessible to a wide range of riders.


  1. Price: Retailing at $779.95, the Smart Jacket is a considerable investment, which may not be affordable for every rider.
  2. Battery Charging: Despite the lengthy battery life, the necessity to recharge the jacket may be a hassle for some riders, especially during multi-day trips.
  3. Weight and Bulk: Though the jacket is designed to be versatile, some riders may find the addition of the airbag system to be bulky or heavy, potentially affecting their comfort or range of movement.
  4. Service Requirement: If the jacket's airbag system deploys, it must be taken to an authorized dealer to replace the internal Shield, which may prove inconvenient or costly over time.


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