Cypher Pickleball Shoe: Unmatched Durability and Comfort in Every Game

Unparalleled Comfort, Durability, and Performance

Imagine lacing up for the day in a pair of shoes that effortlessly stitch together the delicate tapestry of durability, comfort, and style. Picture shoes that aren't just content to ride along on your feet, but shoes that actively participate in your journey. This is the promise the Cypher Pickleball Shoe brings.

Crafted with a burning passion for the game, this shoe is not a half-hearted attempt to fit into the world of pickleball but rather, a product born from it. This isn't just another shoe, it's a manifesto, a statement, a call to arms from fellow pickleball aficionados based out of Southern California.

As I look at the specifications, it's not just the sturdy 5.5mm thick carbon rubber outsole that catches my eye. It's the commitment to endurance, the dedication to ensure that the wearer won't be forsaken on the battlefield of the court. This shoe has been designed for the high abrasion areas that pickleball invariably subjects it to. But despite this toughness, it doesn't make you feel as though you're shod in granite.

What intrigues me is the promise of comfort. The compression molded EVA midsole, the breathable knit upper, the shock-absorbing removable insole – each a testament to the shoe's purpose. To protect and serve. To cushion the shock that comes from relentlessly dancing across jarring court surfaces. With shoes like these, one could almost forget the fatigue of a long, spirited match, and instead relish the thrill of the game.

But don't let the comfort fool you. These shoes are agile beasts, cleverly engineered for the swift and lateral movements that are the lifeblood of pickleball. The reduced material in the flex zones is an innovative feature, built to enhance your ability to sprint, dodge and dive – allowing you to own the baseline and dominate the next dink fest.

Each feature in the Cypher Pickleball shoe speaks volumes about the thoughtfulness of the creators. The TPU reinforced toe bumper, the anatomically zoned breathable areas for optimal air flow, the convenient heel pull – all these thoughtful touches make this shoe more than just a piece of footwear. It's a companion.

At the price of $115, it may seem like a hefty investment for some. But for a pickleball enthusiast, every dime spent on a pair of shoes that not only enhance performance but also create an unmatched playing experience is well worth it.

The Cypher Pickleball Shoe is not just about the game. It's about the community, the friendships, the exhilaration, and most importantly, the sheer love of pickleball. And in my book, that's a winning shot.


  1. Durability: The 5.5mm thick carbon rubber outsole and TPU reinforced toe bumper are features specifically designed to enhance the lifespan of the shoes, withstanding the intense wear and tear of pickleball.
  2. Comfort: A compression molded EVA midsole and shock-absorbing removable insole promise extended comfort on the court, reducing potential fatigue from prolonged play.
  3. Designed for Pickleball: The shoe is specifically engineered with reduced material in the flex zones to accommodate the rapid and lateral movements that are typical in pickleball, aiding performance.
  4. Breathability: The breathable knit upper designed with anatomically zoned areas ensures maximum air flow, keeping your feet cool during intense games.
  5. Convenience: Features such as a heel pull for easy carry and on, and a ghillie lacing system for easy fit make these shoes user-friendly.


  1. Price: At $115, these shoes may be considered expensive for some, especially for casual players or those new to the sport.
  2. No Mention of Arch Support: There is no specific mention of arch support, which can be a concern for players with specific foot conditions or those needing additional support.
  3. Limited Aesthetic Choices: While the focus on function is commendable, some players may desire more aesthetic choices or variations in style.
  4. New Brand: As a new brand in the market, it might lack the established reputation and trust that comes with more known brands in the sports shoe industry.

From $115

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