Astral GreenJacket LE: Lightweight Durability Meets Artistic Design in Whitewater Safety

Durability, buoyancy, and artistic flair

My friends, there's a certain poetry to this wild endeavor we call life, isn't there? There's a dance in the face of danger, a ballet amidst the beauty and the chaos. And it's not just the daring who know this siren's call, it's the artists, the dreamers, the explorers. In the realm of whitewater kayaking, this dance becomes terrifyingly tangible and beautifully real. And it is here, in this collision of worlds, that the latest GreenJacket LE from Astral finds its niche.

You see, this is not just any rescue vest. This is the tangible fusion of the explorer's courage and the artist's vision. It's a brainchild of Nouria Newman, a titan of the whitewater world, and Bret Brown, an artist whose playful depictions of the scary and the unknown take on an all-new meaning on the frothy canvas of a raging river. Together, they have crafted a life-saving masterpiece, a limited edition ‘Wild Things' vest that is as much about the journey as it is about the destination.

But let's talk brass tacks. This pullover vest comes with an armory of top-notch materials and design specs. We're talking a rugged 500 denier Cordura® nylon canvas shell for those gnarly rapids, a cozy 200 denier high tenacity nylon liner, and a PVC-free Gaia® and Polyethylene foam insert for ample flotation. And did I mention it weighs less than three pounds? The GreenJacket LE doesn't just tick boxes, it kicks them out of the park.

One more thing. When you buy this vest, you're not just buying safety and style. You're also giving back. A healthy portion of the online sales proceeds goes towards Tri-Haut pour l’Everest, a project striving to protect the pristine beauty of the Himalayas from the terrors of plastic and waste. So you're not just helping yourself, you're also helping Mother Nature.

In a world that's often more about sitting comfortably than taking the plunge, Astral's GreenJacket LE is a reminder that the world is still full of wild things and wild places, and that you and I, my friends, are a part of that wildness too. So, grab your paddle, zip up your GreenJacket, and let's head for the river. Adventure awaits.


  1. Collaborative Design: This GreenJacket LE features the unique touch of renowned whitewater kayaker Nouria Newman and artist Bret Brown. The artistic representation provides not just a unique aesthetic but also the spirit of adventure and fearlessness.
  2. Durable Construction: Constructed with a 500 denier Cordura® nylon canvas shell, this vest promises durability and longevity even in the harshest conditions.
  3. Lightweight & Comfortable: Weighing in at 2.9 lbs, the vest is light and comfortable to wear, maximizing maneuverability in challenging whitewater conditions.
  4. Customizable Fit: With a range of sizes from S/M to L/XL, and adjustable webbing, the vest is designed to fit a wide spectrum of body types.
  5. Environmental Cause: A portion of online sales goes towards Tri-Haut pour l’Everest, a sustainability project aimed at reducing waste in the Himalayas, making your purchase a contribution to a noble cause.


  1. Price: At $365, the GreenJacket LE is at the higher end of the market. It might be a substantial investment for beginners or casual paddlers.
  2. Limited Edition: The fact that it's a limited edition might make it difficult for some to get their hands on this specific model if they miss the initial sale.
  3. Rescue Training Required: This vest is intended for serious paddlers, and swiftwater rescue training is required. This might not be suitable for novice or casual paddlers.
  4. Pullover Design: The pullover entry may not be as easy or quick to put on and take off as a vest with a full front zipper.


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