Crua Culla Hammock Wrap V2: The Ultimate Camping Cocoon!

Revolutionary Four-Season Camping Hammock Wrap

In the vast, sprawling world of outdoor escapades, there are those gear innovations that completely alter the way we interact with nature. Enter the Crua Culla Hammock Wrap Around V2, which challenges the conventional wisdom of seeking warmth and comfort in insulated tents. Instead, imagine yourself nestled in a cozy cocoon-like hammock, swaying gently between two trees, protected from the whims of Mother Nature.

What piqued my curiosity with this invention was its compatibility. While specifically tailored for Crua's Koala hammocks, it's versatile enough to embrace most third-party hammocks designed for one or two campers. This adaptability means whether you’re out alone, penning your thoughts or sharing stories with a fellow traveler, this hammock wrap has got you.

Now, the art of setting up camp equipment can sometimes feel like a riddle one didn't sign up for. But the Culla V2 offers simplicity. Seven seconds. That’s the magic number to get your hammock threaded through this wrap. Although, if you're not particularly fond of your cocoon swaying with every breeze, investing a few more moments to stake the guy lines would be wise.

As for its build, the Culla V2 brings together the robustness of ripstop nylon and the soft touch of a 300T pongee lining. And nestled between these is a layer of graphene-enhanced poly insulation. It's like having a guardian that stands vigilant against the chill of winter nights and the searing heat of summer afternoons. And if solitude or a temporary escape from the world is what you seek, just roll down the internal window shades. They not only shield you from intrusive lights but also muffle the cacophony of the wild. Just remember, if the clouds look menacing, an additional polyester tarp is your ticket to staying dry.

While its architecture is impressive, it's the little details that often seal the deal for me. Curved aluminum spreader poles ensure the hammock retains its enticing form. And the thoughtful addition of hooks inside? Perfect for those tiny lights that transform your space into a magical haven. Not to forget the mesh pocket – because who doesn’t need a spot to keep those tiny essentials close?

Weighing in at 11 lb (5 kg), it's not the lightest gear out there, but for the comfort and versatility it promises, seems like a reasonable trade-off. The price point, ranging from a pledge of US$199 to $399 for an all-in package, might raise eyebrows for some. But given the unique experience it offers, it feels like a ticket to an exclusive experience.

To conclude, the Crua Culla Hammock Wrap Around V2 isn't just another piece of camping gear. It’s an invitation. An invitation to reimagine camping, to redefine boundaries, and to experience nature from a different, more intimate lens. If you’re someone who cherishes that unique blend of adventure and comfort, this might just be your next favorite thing. Safe travels.

Pros of the Crua Culla Hammock Wrap Around V2:

  1. Versatility: While designed for Crua's Koala hammocks, it is compatible with most 1- to 2-person third-party hammocks.
  2. Quick Setup: The primary setup process can be completed in a mere seven seconds.
  3. Four-Season Protection: Equipped with ripstop nylon, 300T pongee lining, and graphene-enhanced poly insulation, it promises warmth in cold weather and a cooling effect in hot conditions.
  4. Privacy and Solitude: Internal window shades can be rolled down to block out light and muffle external noises.
  5. Durable Construction: The wrap is designed with strong materials, including a ripstop nylon outer shell, ensuring longevity.
  6. Added Features: Comes with interior hooks for lights or gear and an integrated mesh pocket for storing small items.
  7. Shape Retention: Curved aluminum spreader poles maintain the hammock's shape, ensuring it remains comfortable and spacious.

Cons of the Crua Culla Hammock Wrap Around V2:

  1. Weight: At 11 lb (5 kg), it might be considered heavy for backpackers or those looking for lightweight gear.
  2. Price: The pledge range, from US$199 up to $399 for the full package, could be seen as steep, especially when considering other hammock setups on the market.
  3. Additional Accessories Needed: For complete protection against rain and snow, an optional polyester tarp is required, meaning potential extra cost and gear to carry.
  4. Swaying: Without staking the four guy lines into the ground, the hammock may sway, which might not be preferred by all campers.

From $199

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