Compact and Compressible: The Sea to Summit Evac Compression Dry Bag UL

Compact, breathable, lightweight, eco-conscious, waterproof

You're the unrelenting wanderer. You tread on less-beaten paths, carve out new ones. The unexpected, the unanticipated – they are your callings. Your gear, your companion in this serendipity of unknowns, must hold up to your endeavors. Let's discuss an accessory that, at first glance, seems understated yet could transform the way you adventure: the Sea to Summit Evac Compression Dry Bag UL.

Picture this: you're halfway up a mountain, the sweat is beading on your forehead, and you're tussling with your gear. A proverbial game of Tetris within the confines of your backpack. Wouldn't it be ideal if there was something that eased this frustration, compacted the unyielding, yet protected them from the harsh elements? Enter this unassuming savior.

Crafted from the ultra lightweight Ultra-Sil 30D Cordura® nylon, the bag is just about as featherweight as it gets – you won't feel a pinch adding this to your pack. Don't let the weight fool you, though. The fabric is bluesign-approved, bearing the mark of environmental friendliness, a nod to our shared responsibility towards this wonderful world we love exploring.

What truly sets the bag apart is the eVent® fabric base. It's clever, it's thoughtful, it's air-permeable. As you stuff and squish your gear into it, the air sneaks out, but water can't sneak in. It's an impressive trait that removes the need for a purge valve, keeping the design light and simple.

The waterproofing is trustworthy enough for its primary use – an internal packing aid. With over 2000+ mm hydrostatic head, it stands as a formidable guard against moisture seeping into your essentials. However, it's worth mentioning that for water sports or standalone use, opting for a dry bag with a higher hydrostatic head rating would be advisable.

The compression straps are the finishing touch, making it a cinch to squeeze your soft items to their smallest possible size. These straps, along with the non-wicking hypalon roll-top closure, keep your gear dry, compact, and accessible. So whether you're out backpacking or taking part in paddle sports, the bag adapts to your pace, your rhythm.

As for sizes, you're spoilt for choice. From a petite 3-litre to a spacious 20-litre option, you're sure to find the right fit for your adventure kit. Its dimensions are streamlined, ensuring you can maximize packing without losing precious space.

In my opinion, the Sea to Summit Evac Compression Dry Bag UL serves as an integral tool for adventurers. It fosters efficiency, promotes organization, and ultimately, lightens the burden of your journey. Just remember, it's a supporting player, not your leading gear for rough water situations.

This might just be a bag, but it embodies a larger philosophy. It's about making the most of the space we have, respecting the environment that hosts our adventures, and ensuring that our journey is as smooth as it can be. Because, in the end, isn't that what adventuring is all about?


  1. Ultra-Lightweight Design: Crafted from Ultra-Sil 30D Cordura® nylon, the bag adds minimal weight to your pack, a critical factor for hikers and backpackers.
  2. Innovative Material: The bag utilizes air-permeable eVent® fabric base, enabling air to be pushed out while keeping contents dry – a smart feature that eradicates the need for a purge valve.
  3. Effective Compression: Equipped with compression straps, the bag allows the efficient compaction of soft items to their smallest possible size.
  4. Environmentally Friendly: The bag is made from bluesign-approved fabric, emphasizing a commitment to sustainable practices.
  5. Wide Range of Sizes: With choices ranging from 3 to 20 liters, users can select the optimal size to match their packing needs.
  6. Good Internal Waterproofing: With a 2000+ mm hydrostatic head, it offers reliable waterproofing for internal use within a backpack or duffle bag.


  1. Not Suitable for Water Sports: The fabric, while excellent for compressing gear and providing protection inside a backpack, is not recommended for water sports or rough water situations due to the likelihood of encountering sharp or abrasive elements.
  2. Limited Standalone Use: While the bag provides enough waterproofing for internal use, it may not be suitable for standalone use in heavy rain or water immersion situations.
  3. Requires Careful Handling: While it's built for rough and tumble outdoor use, due to the featherweight nature of the materials used, the bag must be handled with care to prevent tears or punctures.


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