Col Mountain Tech MTN Stick Trekking Pole Tripod

A hiking pole and tripod for your camera or optics

The Col Mountain Tech MTN Stick is a unique hiking pole that houses 2 other poles for switching into tripod mode. It is made of carbon fiber and aluminum, weighing only 17.5 oz, making it lighter than the average trekking pole.

The MTN Stick features a removable head to allow the use of attachments for mountain a camera, binoculars or others. It takes about 30 seconds to 30 seconds to switch from tripod mode to pole mode and vice versa. The tripod can handle loads up to 40 lbs.

The pole itself is adjustable between 36″ and 55″ and comes with a rubber tip, carbide tip, soft snow basket, and a hard snow basket. It has a hollow EVA foam handle, which can potentially be used as storage for items like matches or water purification.

The Col Mountain Tech MTN Stick offers an elegant solution for hikers who need a tripod to take photos or use optics on their trip and have a solid and dependable trekking pole at the same time.

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