Civivi Concept 22 Fixed Blade – with cleaver-like blade

Modified tanto blade

The Civivi Concept 22 Fixed-blade knife is a well-made and affordable option for those who enjoy using an angular-looking chopper. Designed by Geoff Blauvelt of TuffKnives, the Concept 22 is just under 10 inches long and has a D2 blade, G10 handle slabs, and a black Kydex sheath.

The blade's tall, axe-shaped head is perfect for batoning, and its cleaver-like shape makes it ideal for splitting logs, roasted chickens, and other middle-tough mediums.

However, the narrowness of its G10 scales can make precision tasks uncomfortable, and its 0.16-inch thickness can make slicing difficult. Additionally, the knife's forward finger choil is cramped for larger hands, and its oxide coating makes it unsuitable for scraping fire steels. Nonetheless, the Civivi Concept 22 is a fun and sturdy tool that offers a lot of well-made, affordable fun for those who like its design.

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