Cimoro Super_Limited V1 Backpack: A Fusion of Heritage & Future

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In the heart of London, the bustling streets of Savile Row are revered not just for its historic tailoring but for the stories and legacies stitched into every fabric. From these storied avenues emerges a creation that feels out of time, yet completely ahead of it: the Cimoro Super_Limited V1 Backpack.

Alasdair Leighton-Crawford, the visionary behind Cimoro, is not a stranger to accolades. From being a former pro athlete to diving into the intricate world of lingerie design, he's gathered experiences that would fill lifetimes. But it’s his role as a self-proclaimed Future Master Craftsman that particularly intrigues. This blend of heritage with the high-tech realm of 3D and AR sets him apart.

This backpack, exclusive to Huckberry, feels like a beautiful contradiction. A marriage of the futuristic and the timeless. Crafted in the ever-sturdy Black Dyneema fabric handpicked by the master craftsman himself, it is tailored to be both a statement and a companion. The top-loading messenger style grants easy access, while an internal padded sleeve ensures your tech – up to 16” devices – is well protected.

Keeping organized on the go? No frets. The bag houses an internal zip pocket with two mesh holsters, ensuring every essential has its place. The innovative Cimoro G-Hooks on the straps aren't just for show; they promise reliability with every fastening.

Now, let's talk about those buckles. The 25 mm Cobra® Pro Style AustriAlpin Buckles aren't merely aesthetic choices. They’re renowned for their prowess in bearing weight and their swift fastening capability. Combined with double-stitched seams fortified with the strength of Amann Onyx threads, one can't help but admire the seamless fusion of durability and design.

Two side pockets and a spacious front one provide additional room. And for those long treks? A pass-through for a hydration bladder, ensuring you stay refreshed. All these come in a sleek package weighing only 21.2 oz.

So, what’s my take? The Cimoro Super_Limited V1 isn’t just a backpack. It’s a testament to the alchemy of tradition and forward-thinking. A reflection of London's juxtaposed world of century-old craftsmanship and avant-garde innovation. It speaks to those who appreciate the stories behind their gear, seeking not just function, but a narrative. So, if you're the kind who believes in journeys both physical and metaphorical, this might just be the backpack of your dreams.


  1. Heritage Meets High-Tech: Crafted by a designer with a background in bespoke tailoring, and integrating advanced 3D and AR innovation. It’s a blend of tradition and technology.
  2. Exclusive and Unique: Limited-run design only available at Huckberry, ensuring a unique possession.
  3. Durable Fabric: Built from heavyweight woven Black Dyneema fabric, known for its robustness and resilience.
  4. Easy Access: Top-loading messenger style and multiple pockets provide both security and convenience.
  5. Protective Features: Comes with an internal padded laptop sleeve accommodating up to 16” devices.
  6. Organizational Utility: The internal zip pocket with two mesh holsters ensures essentials remain organized and easy to find.
  7. Reliable Fastening: Signature Cimoro G-Hooks and Cobra® Pro Style AustriAlpin Buckles offer efficient, secure fastening.
  8. Superior Stitching: Critical seams bolstered by double-stitching with Amann Onyx super-strong threads.
  9. Hydration Ready: Includes a pass-through for hydration bladder, making it ideal for longer journeys or hikes.
  10. Lightweight Design: Despite its features, the backpack weighs a mere 21.2 oz.


  1. Price Point: At $595, it is on the higher end of the price spectrum for backpacks.
  2. Limited Availability: As a limited-run item, once it’s gone, it may not return, which might disappoint potential future buyers.
  3. Specific Style: The unique blend of heritage and futuristic design may not appeal to everyone.
  4. Maintenance: Given its unique blend of materials and artisan construction, it might demand specific care or maintenance instructions.
  5. Size Constraints: While it offers multiple pockets and storage options, its 30L capacity might not be sufficient for those who pack heavy or go on extended trips.


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