Bugatti Bolide: The Track-Only Titan of Hyper Sports Cars

Legendary, Powerful, Luxurious, Safe, Exclusive

For those with a penchant for the apex of automobile engineering, a new titan has emerged on the tracks, destined to become a legend: the Bugatti Bolide. This machine is not merely a car, but a culmination of more than a century's worth of racing expertise and cutting-edge technology.

At the heart of the Bolide beats Bugatti's signature: the legendary 8.0-liter W16 turbocharged engine. A powerplant known to enthusiasts, the W16 pushes out a jaw-dropping 1,600 PS at 7,000rpm. But what truly sets this track-only hyper sports car apart is the newly engineered carbon fiber monocoque, molded from materials traditionally reserved for the pinnacles of racing – Formula 1 and Le Mans. It’s a structure that doesn’t just house the beastly engine but also integrates it with a precision that’s truly commendable. As a result, this car achieves a dry weight of just 1,450 kg.

The Bolide draws inspiration from Bugatti's storied motorsport heritage, one that began with the Type 13’s victory at the Grand Prix de la Sarthe in 1920. Decades later, this spirit is evident in the way the Bolide is crafted. The monocoque design, which mirrors a sleek catamaran, ensures the driver and passenger sit perfectly balanced inside. Moreover, the structure is so robust that during FIA's stringent rollover tests, where most structures show some wear, the Bolide emerged unscathed. A testament to its unwavering commitment to safety and its engineering prowess.

Safety isn't just about structural integrity; it's also about ensuring the driver and co-driver remain secure in all scenarios. The Bolide provides this security in spades with an FIA-approved six-point harness system, capable of holding the occupants steady against forces up to 2.5g. Additionally, the cockpit is compatible with the ‘HANS® Head And Neck Support’ system, a well-regarded standard in motorsport safety.

However, what truly impresses is how Bugatti has balanced this brute power and safety with impeccable comfort. From the ergonomically designed seats to the high-performance climate control system, the Bolide ensures that drivers can not only command the tracks but also do so in unparalleled luxury.

The Bolide, at its core, represents a fusion of Bugatti's unmatched racing heritage with futuristic engineering. It promises an experience that’s not just about raw speed but also about the pure joy of driving, knowing you're in one of the safest, most advanced machines ever built.

When Bolide owners hit the tracks in 2024, they won’t just be driving a car; they’ll be steering a legacy. A unique blend of history, power, safety, and luxury, it stands as a testament to what's achievable when passion meets precision. For me, the Bolide is more than just a car; it's the embodiment of a racing dream, crafted to perfection by the masters at Bugatti.


  1. Legendary Engine: The Bolide houses Bugatti's signature 8.0-liter W16 turbocharged engine, known for its formidable power.
  2. Advanced Monocoque Design: Carbon fiber monocoque developed to Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile LMH and LMDh requirements, usually reserved for Formula 1 and Le Mans.
  3. Lightweight Build: Despite its robust construction, the Bolide has a dry weight of just 1,450 kg, aiding its performance.
  4. Historical Legacy: Drawing from Bugatti's rich motorsport heritage, the Bolide stands on the shoulders of giants like the Type 13 and Type 35.
  5. Safety: Rigorously tested for safety under FIA regulations, it boasts of a six-point harness system, compatibility with the ‘HANS® Head And Neck Support' system, and an automatic military-grade fire extinguisher.
  6. Comfort: High-performance climate control, ergonomically designed seats, and advanced power steering contribute to a luxury driving experience, uncommon in track-only cars.
  7. Performance: Enhanced grip and traction due to all-wheel drive, electronically controlled differentials, and high-performance Michelin Pilot Sport slicks.
  8. All-Round Drivability: Optimized torque output, effective tire and brake performance, and efficient power steering system promise a smooth drive.


  1. Track-Only: The Bolide is designed exclusively for track use, limiting its versatility.
  2. Exclusivity: Given its high-end features and branding, the Bolide might have a high price tag, making it accessible only to a select few.
  3. Maintenance: With such advanced systems and materials, maintenance might be complex and costly.
  4. Availability: The first set of customers will only receive their cars in 2024, indicating potential waiting periods.
  5. Specialized Usage: Given its hyper sports car designation, it might not be suitable for novice drivers or those looking for a more relaxed driving experience.

$4 million

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