Brough Superior Ultimate Series: Indulge in Limited Edition Motorcycle Luxury

Luxury Meets Performance

When you gaze into the rich tapestry of motorcycling, few names can evoke the same grandeur as Brough Superior. An unmistakable blend of heritage, quality, and performance, the British firm etched its name into the annals of motorcycle history. Its revival some ten years back was nothing short of a renaissance, providing modern twists on classic silhouettes such as the venerable SS100.

Moving forward, 2019 saw a dramatic shift when Brough Superior turned a new leaf with the unveiling of the AMB 001 — a motorcycle with a heart of steel and a soul that roars. A creation sprung from an alliance with Aston Martin, this two-wheeled rocketship was packing 180-horsepower. Hot on its heels came the AMB 001 PRO, a track-only beast with a staggering 225 horsepower.

Now, Brough Superior is strutting its stuff with the Ultimate Series SS100 and Lawrence motorcycles, a couple of hotshots limited to a mere 19 units each. A lovechild of the lessons learnt during the AMB 001's production, these machines stand as testimony to the very best that Brough Superior can offer.

We're talking about a water-cooled 997cc V-twin encased in an aluminium block that was born in the same five-axis CNC rig that cradled the AMB 001's engine. These bikes carry the CNC rig's masterful artistry like a badge of honor, similar to what we've seen from ARCH motorcycles. Adding to this the SS100 Ultimate Series has silver leaf accents adding another layer of panache, and the “Ultimate” script decals, along with production number graphics, make each of these machines a unique masterpiece.

Not to be left behind, the Lawrence model, Brough Superior's shining star in the Modern Design range, also got the Ultimate Series makeover. Infused with exposed carbon fiber elements and bedecked with the machined aluminum engine block, the Lawrence shares its siblings' silver leaf accents and other “Ultimate” touches. These seemingly minor tweaks collectively elevate these already exclusive motorcycles to an even loftier sphere.

If you're seeking adventure on the open road and the thrill of mechanical artistry, this might be your golden ticket. Brough Superior Ultimate Series SS100 and Lawrence are taking orders now. And with only 19 units up for grabs worldwide, the clock's ticking faster than a two-stroke at full throttle. It's not just about owning a motorcycle; it's about being a part of a legend. Take the road less travelled. It's more fun that way.

Brough Superior Ultimate Series SS100 and Lawrence Motorcycles:


  1. Exclusivity: Limited to just 19 units worldwide, owning one of these motorcycles is akin to possessing a rare masterpiece.
  2. Cutting-edge Technology: Incorporation of a precision-machined aluminum block and a water-cooled 997cc V-twin engine showcase Brough Superior's commitment to utilizing advanced technology for superior performance.
  3. Luxury Elements: Features like silver leaf accents, exposed carbon fiber elements, and unique “Ultimate” script decals add an extra layer of luxury and individuality to each unit.
  4. Brand Legacy: Brough Superior has a storied history and a strong reputation for high-quality, high-performance motorcycles. Ownership of one of these models is not just about the bike itself, but also being part of the brand's legacy.


  1. Limited Availability: While exclusivity is a plus, the flip side is that very few people will have the chance to own one of these models.
  2. Potential Cost: Although specific pricing information is not mentioned, the rarity and high-end features of these bikes likely put them in the premium price range (typically a lot more than $100,000). This could be a potential barrier for interested buyers.
  3. Maintenance & Servicing: Owning such a unique motorcycle could present challenges when it comes to servicing and maintenance. The availability of parts and skilled technicians capable of working on these motorcycles may be limited.
  4. Potential for Decreased Comfort: While not explicitly stated, motorcycles of this nature often prioritize performance over comfort. The riding position, seat, and suspension may not be ideal for long-distance touring or daily commuting.

Remember, a motorcycle is more than just a transportation device; it's a lifestyle choice. If the pros of owning one of these unique bikes outweigh the cons for you, then perhaps you'll be one of the lucky few to ride home on a Brough Superior Ultimate Series motorcycle.

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