BMW CE 02 eParkourer: High Performance Meets High Tech

Urban electric motorcycle with dynamic customization

The bustling streets of an urban jungle, the chorus of honking horns, the ever-changing vista of people on the move. It's a place for the adventurous, the spirited, those who understand that life isn't about the destination, but the journey. And to traverse these unpredictable terrains, what better steed than the new eParkourer from BMW, the CE 02?

A modern beast in a sleek, petite body, dressed in hues of black, and granite grey metallic matte – ready to leave an indelible impression as you whip through alleyways or perch idly at a café corner. This machine is made to be a canvas, a conduit for your self-expression, beckoning to the curious to explore its unique proportions and the opportunity for customization.

Powered by an air-cooled, synchronous motor and two lithium-ion batteries, the CE 02 is a veritable bolt of energy in the urban landscape. With an output of 15 hp and an impressive 40.6 lb-ft of torque, it commands a lively acceleration that’s sure to make those traffic lights a little more entertaining. A top speed of 59 mph and a range of over 56 miles make this steed just right for the intrepid city dweller, ready to carve their own path.

And what a path it will be, with its innovative ride modes – “Flow” and “Surf” – that offer two distinct riding experiences. “Flow” is for those seamless sails through the traffic, while “Surf” lets you feel the thrill of a dynamic acceleration, and the joy of effortless cruising. For those yearning for a sportier and more dynamic ride, there’s the optional “Flash” mode.

The bike's nimble handling and low weight ensure that you can navigate through city streets with the agility of a cat. Its frame, wheels, front fender, and triple clamp fairing in basic black, and motor cover in granite grey metallic matt, further emphasize its robustness, all while enhancing riding pleasure on various terrains.

But this machine isn’t just about the thrill of the ride, it’s also about convenience. The standard 0.9 kW external charger allows you to power up your ride using standard household outlets. If you’re in a hurry, there’s a quicker 1.5 kW charger available with the optional HIGHLINE package.

What’s more, the new BMW CE 02, unlike some machines that simply transport you, aims to connect with you. The LED headlights, tail-light and turn signals, 3.5″ micro TFT display, USB-C socket, and BMW Motorrad Connected Services make sure you're always informed, entertained, and connected on your journey.

And to guide you through your urban expedition, BMW has also unveiled Motorrad companion smartglasses. These stylish HUD glasses display speed, speed limit, gear, and turn-by-turn-directions. They work with any of the company’s bikes that use the Motorrad app, truly complementing the experience of your ride.

So, if you're ready to conquer the city streets, the BMW CE 02 and its stylish companion smartglasses are your ideal allies. They promise not just transportation, but a unique way of experiencing the urban rhythm, of embracing its quirks, its charms, its endless possibilities. After all, as we know, it's not just about getting from A to B. It's about the story you tell along the way.


  1. Urban-oriented Design: The CE 02 is specially crafted for city navigation, with a compact design that provides agility in dense traffic.
  2. Youthful Appeal: Its sleek, modern aesthetic, alongside its label as an eParkourer, might appeal to younger customers, setting it apart from the typically mature audience associated with BMW's products.
  3. Customizable Appearance: The minimal design of the CE 02 offers ample scope for personal customization, allowing owners to express themselves through the bike.
  4. Tech Integration: The CE 02 integrates well with the BMW Motorrad app and the innovative smart glasses, providing turn-by-turn navigation, speed information, and more in a heads-up display.
  5. Two Riding Modes: The CE 02 comes with two standard ride modes: “Flow” for a smoother urban ride and “Surf” for a dynamic, sporty experience.
  6. High Performance: With a top speed of 59 mph and a quick acceleration, the CE 02 is suitable for both slow city traffic and faster roads.
  7. Electric Mobility: The CE 02 boasts an electric powertrain, making it environmentally friendly and reducing maintenance and fuel costs.
  8. Charging Flexibility: It comes with an external charger that works with standard household outlets, with an optional quick charger available as part of the HIGHLINE package.


  1. Limited Range: With a range of 55 miles, the CE 02 might not be ideal for long-distance commuting or travel.
  2. Pricing: At a starting price of $7,599, the CE 02 may be perceived as expensive for a vehicle targeted at a younger demographic, especially when compared with other e-scooters on the market.
  3. Optional Package Dependence: Important features like a quicker charger, Flash ride mode, and BMW Motorrad Connected Services are only available in the optional HIGHLINE package, adding to the cost.
  4. Limited Availability of Smart Glasses: The companion smart glasses only work with BMW's bikes, which might be seen as a drawback for those who don't own other BMW motorcycles.
  5. Physical Size: Despite BMW's claims, riders taller than 6'3″ may find the bike's size and the riding position uncomfortable.
  6. Uncertain Licensing Requirements: The need for a motorcycle license for the 11kW version could be a potential barrier for some riders.
  7. Limited Charging Infrastructure: Without a level 2 charging port, the eParkourer's charging is primarily suited to home settings, which could be inconvenient for on-the-go charging needs.


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