Blucap Moto Sunglasses: Revolutionize Your Ride with Augmented Reality Navigation!

Augmented Reality Motorcycle Navigation Sunglasses

In the dance of the road, every rider knows the importance of minimizing distractions and preserving the mystique of the journey. And here's where the Blucap Moto sunglasses sway gracefully into the scene, addressing with elegance and discretion the pitfalls of conventional motorcycle navigation.

A whisper on the wind tells of a gadget born from the womb of cutting-edge Augmented Reality (AR) technology, a piece so subtle in its design that it whispers rather than screams tech-savvy. Blucap Moto sunglasses don’t wish to strut with ostentatious displays of gadgetry; instead, they sport a classic, unassuming look, leaving the beholder oblivious to the technological symphony playing beneath its surface.

A navigation companion, Blucap Moto shields your delicate eyes while silently and efficiently directing your journey with minimal intervention. Visual cues for turns are projected with the subtlety of a seasoned rider, appearing and disappearing with the ebb and flow of the road. Upon engaging with intersections, they simply signal the necessary direction and retreat into the background, leaving nothing but the open road and its endless possibilities in your sight.

For those preferring a map, fear not, for this discreet guide offers a real-time navigation map at your service, appearing and vanishing at the gentle press of a handlebar-mounted remote. And while the sunglasses maintain a dialogue with a dedicated app, your phone can slumber quietly in your pocket, free from the vibrations, the incessant power consumption, and the overheating sun.

Your journey doesn’t have to be a solitary one; these sunglasses acknowledge the importance of staying connected. Calls, messages, and speed limit alerts weave through the fabric of your ride seamlessly, never imposing, always respecting your space and focus.

And then, the comfort—oh, the gentle embrace of technology designed by riders for riders! Light and accommodating, these glasses don’t impose their presence; they merely accompany, understanding the unique caress required under the helmet during long, intoxicating rides.

Designed with an anti-tech aesthetic, the Blucap Moto glasses are devoid of unnecessary buttons and LEDs. Their simplicity is their strength, and wearing them is all that's required. They awaken and synchronize with your phone as their arms open, ready to dance through the roads with you.

The tiny MicroLED display nestling within, with its minimal power consumption and high brightness, is like a secret shared only between the glasses and the wearer. Its messages are for your eyes only, preserving the enigma of the journey for the outside observer. With the addition of a ShiftLock™ quick-release design for easy lens replacement and compatibility with prescription lenses, the experience is tailored just for you, without compromising the essential features of UV protection and anti-fog capabilities.

And for those whose journey is as fluid as the roads they travel, Blucap offers a nod with the promise of updated navigation options for bicycles and scooters, making it a companion for various adventures on wheels.

But what whispers through the grapevine must be approached with a grain of salt, for the Blucap Moto sunglasses are still in the realm of Kickstarter campaigns, teasing a dance that is yet to be fully realized. With a pledge of $299, you might secure a pair for yourself, with the retail dance card poised at $399.

As the sun sets and the road unravels before you, consider the silent, elegant partner waiting to join your dance. The Blucap Moto sunglasses, with their AR navigation and understated design, promise a ride unburdened by the glaring and clumsy tech of yore, allowing the rider and the road to continue their eternal, mysterious dance unimpeded.


  1. Cutting-Edge AR Technology: Blucap Moto sunglasses integrate the latest augmented reality technology for seamless navigation without obstructing the rider’s view.
  2. Discreet Design: With an unassuming, classic appearance, these sunglasses don’t scream “tech-wear”, maintaining the rider’s style and elegance on the road.
  3. Intuitive Navigation: Turn directions and navigation maps are displayed within the line of sight, providing real-time guidance without distraction.
  4. User-Friendly Interface: The dedicated app is designed for easy transition from popular navigation platforms, offering a simple and effective user experience.
  5. Energy Efficiency: Featuring MicroLED technology and an ultra-low power consumption chip, these sunglasses promise to last an entire day of riding on a single charge.
  6. Comfortable Wear: Designed with riders in mind, the sunglasses are lightweight and comfortable, even under a helmet during extended use.
  7. Minimal Interaction Required: With automatic power on/off and connection features, users don't need to fiddle with buttons or gestures.
  8. Smart Notification System: Riders stay informed with real-time calls, messages, and speed limit alerts without compromising focus or safety.
  9. Customization Options: Blucap Moto can be fitted with prescription lenses, and users can choose from a range of lens colors and features.
  10. Versatile Use: Though primarily designed for motorcyclists, the sunglasses can also be adapted for use with bicycles and scooters.
  11. Waterproof and Shockproof Remote: The handlebar remote is designed to endure various riding conditions without damage.


  1. Dependent on Crowdfunding: Currently, the product is available through Kickstarter, which means there is a risk associated with backing a project that might not reach production.
  2. Price Point: With a planned retail price of $399, the sunglasses may be on the expensive side for some potential users.
  3. Learning Curve: Despite the user-friendly design, new users might need some time to adapt to the navigation and control system integrated into the sunglasses.
  4. Battery Life Concerns: While designed for all-day use, the actual battery life may vary depending on the usage and settings, potentially requiring a mid-day charge during longer rides.
  5. Limited User Feedback: Being a new product, there is limited customer feedback available to evaluate the real-world performance and reliability of the sunglasses.
  6. Compatibility Issues: The product might have potential compatibility issues with some phone models or operating systems, limiting its accessibility for some users.
  7. Dependence on App: The sunglasses rely on the dedicated Blucap App for navigation, which might not offer the same level of functionality or familiarity as other established navigation apps.


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