Biltwell Overland 2.0 Goggle: Mastering the Blend of Protection, Comfort, and Style

Protection, Comfort, Clarity

In the realm of exhilaration and adventure, where you can feel the wind in your hair and the sun kissing your face, lies a piece of gear so essential, so irreplaceable that it quite literally changes your perspective. We're talking about a product that is integral to a world where the hum of an engine is your constant companion, the mighty Biltwell Overland 2.0 Goggle.

Biltwell seems to have crafted an authentic yet modern marvel of a motorcycle goggle. The Overland 2.0 rides the line between classic and contemporary, mirroring the spirit of those who blaze their own trails on two wheels. The low-profile polyurethane frame is sleek and light but fear not, this item doesn't sacrifice toughness for looks. The frame is molded, providing high impact resistance. It's like an extra layer of armor for your eyes, but far less dramatic and much more comfortable.

And speaking of comfort, the rugged yet flexible thermoplastic frame ensures that the goggles sit snugly against your face, staying in place even as you speed down an open road. This comfort is enhanced by the three-phase BioFoam padding with sweat-wicking quilted fleece Lycra touchpoints. Not only does it wick sweat away from your eyes, but it also filters out airborne dust. It's a buffer zone between you and the harsh realities of high-speed travel.

Optical clarity? Check. The molded polycarbonate lens is precision cut with a CNC laser, delivering super strength and optical precision. These goggles come with an anti-fog treatment, ensuring that your view is never compromised. You can ride from the early morning chill into the heat of the day without missing a beat.

With the Overland 2.0, you get to choose from a variety of colorways, proving that variety indeed remains the spice of life. It's a nice touch that allows you to add a personal flair to your gear. But beyond the style, it's the practical features that make these goggles shine. The woven elastic strap with double D-rings and anti-slip silicone strips promises a secure fit, while the embossed synthetic leather mounts and hand-stitched detailing scream quality and attention to detail.

The bonus? You'll find an additional clear replacement lens included for those rides at dusk or dawn, when light conditions can be challenging. And let's not forget the soft poly/cotton sack, perfect for cleaning your goggles and storing them safely.

At a price point of $79.95, the Biltwell Overland 2.0 Goggle offers a value proposition that's hard to beat. So, whether you're an adrenaline junkie who rides for the thrill, or a solitary wanderer who rides for the solace, this high-performance riding goggle is a worthy addition to your gear. Keep your eyes on the road, my friends. In every sense.


1. Superior Protection: The Overland 2.0 provides a high level of eye protection with its impact-resistant molded polyurethane frame and super-strong polycarbonate lens. It's a literal shield against dust, debris, and potential damage you might face on the road.

2. Comfort and Fit: The flexible thermoplastic frame coupled with the three-phase BioFoam padding ensures a comfortable fit. The woven elastic strap with anti-slip silicone strips guarantees that the goggles will stay in place even during high-speed riding.

3. Optical Clarity: With its CNC laser-cut lens and anti-fog treatment, these goggles promise clear vision in various weather conditions. This feature is vital for safety and enhances the overall riding experience.

4. Extras Included: The Overland 2.0 comes with a second clear lens for low-light conditions and a soft poly/cotton sack for storage and cleaning, providing great value for the price.

5. Variety of Colorways: The wide array of color options allows for personal expression and style customization.


1. Potential Comfort Issues: While the BioFoam padding enhances comfort, for some, the thermoplastic frame might still feel rigid or uncomfortable during prolonged use.

2. Limited Anti-fog Capacity: Despite the anti-fog treatment, in highly humid conditions or during heavy perspiration, fogging might still occur.

3. Price Point: Though it offers a solid list of features, some might consider the $79.95 price point to be slightly high compared to other models available in the market. However, the value proposition is strong when considering the quality and additional features provided.

In conclusion, the Biltwell Overland 2.0 Goggle appears to be a strong choice for those who require a combination of protection, comfort, and style in their riding gear.


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