BÄR Bergkomfort Wanderstiefel 2.0 Hiking Boots is both stable and flexible

Innovative technology for unparalleled comfort

Bär's dedication to freedom of movement for toes is deeply ingrained in the company's DNA. Thanks to innovative technology in the midsole, the Bergkomfort 2.0 hiking shoe offers unparalleled comfort for long hikes.

This award-winning shoe features breathable nubuck leather and a newly developed Firmoflex® technology that provides optimal stability and flexibility for the hiker's foot, preventing malpositions even on rough terrain.

With an adapted tongue to keep out water, sand, and stones, you'll be ready to explore new horizons. Plus, the deep-pull hook with locking function ensures your laces stay put all day long.

Partnering with Vibram, the Italian rubber sole specialist, Bär created a unique HikeTec sole with a high-tech rubber compound that provides necessary grip for both uphill and downhill running.

Bär's commitment to sustainability is also noteworthy. The company is ISO 45001 certified for Health and Safety Management and ensures that all its partner companies and production locations meet high standards of sustainability.

TerraCare, a German leather producer, is one of Bär's long-standing partners and shares the brand's environmentally friendly production philosophy. With its own wastewater treatment plant and renewable energy sources that cover over 60% of its energy needs, Bär is committed to reducing its carbon footprint. In 2020, the company saved 81.78 tons of CO₂, equivalent to driving a mid-range gasoline car for about 400,000 km, which would allow you to travel around the world about ten times. Bär's comprehensive sustainability strategy makes it a leader in the footwear industry, demonstrating that high-quality products and ethical production practices can coexist.

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