Beardski – Be a Man, Have a Beard

Beard Mask

One of the advantages of having a big beard is that it keeps your face and chest warm in winter. Not everyone are blessed with a big beard though and it takes time and a lot of care to grow it to massive proportions.

Lucky for us there's the Beardski, a ski mask that doubles as a wearable beard. You can choose many different styles and colors and it doesn't itch and shed like a real beard.

The Beardski is made of thermal fleece (neck) and vented neoprene (mouth and chin) and lined with silk backing. The beard itself may seem like it's made of fur but it's not. 

Except for the velcro straps, the mask does not cover the back of your head. The mask itself covers the area from the top of your nose to your chin. The beard part covers the front of your neck and part of your chest.

It does not come with ski goggles like in the pictures.

Not just for skiing

The Beardski is essentially a ski mask but you can also use for riding or cycling especially when it's cold. You can even use for standing in the cold watching winter season football, hiking, or just walking around in the city. Just don't use it to rob banks or something like that.


  • Looks cool and realistic
  • Keeps you warm
  • Soft beard does not itch
  • One size fits all


  • Handwash only
  • Made of non-flammable materials
  • May get icy from your breath


The Beardski may get a lot of attention from people who have never seen it before. But don't worry about it because it covers your face so no one will who you are especially if you wear goggles. The beard itself is soft and feels nice to stroke.

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