Bandit X-Trail Pro: Conquer the Trails with Unmatched Speed and Range

Powerful, Adventurous, Futuristic, Secure, Reliable

Stepping into the world of e-bikes can often feel like venturing into the unknown. But fear not, fellow explorers, because the Bandit X-Trail Pro is the reliable steed designed to guide you through every thrill and challenge, as easy as riding a bike. Only faster. A lot faster.

This marvelous mechanical beast has been engineered with the adventurer in mind, crafted to conquer every terrain, from the beaten city tracks to the untamed wilderness of the open trails. It is a chariot of freedom, capable of delivering a sensational top speed of 42 MPH. Trust me, that's hair-raisingly fast. And powered by its 750W front and 1000W rear hub motor, it also possesses enviable hill-climbing prowess.

Never again be bound by the limits of distance. The X-Trail Pro's dual-battery, dual-motor system is your faithful companion in long-distance exploration, offering an astounding 120-mile range. Believe me, that's enough to quench even the most insatiable wanderlust. And with a charging time of just 5 hours, you'll spend less time waiting and more time exploring.

As reliable as it is adventurous, the X-Trail Pro has been equipped with a hydraulic adjustable front suspension and a rear spring suspension. No longer will your travels be derailed by unyielding terrain. Whether you’re gliding through the city streets or conquering the rocky wilderness, you'll always be assured of a smooth and comfortable ride.

Tech lovers, rejoice. This e-bike is decked out with a dazzling array of futuristic features. Control your ride with a smart app, unlock your bike with a mere tap of an NFC card, and tweak your settings to customize your e-biking experience.

But that’s not all. The X-Trail Pro boasts an impressive suite of security features. From a bindable key-card that unlocks your bike to a premium theft detection system, the X-Trail Pro ensures that you and your bike remain inseparable.

Attention to detail is paramount with this model. Its aluminum frame is sturdy and lightweight, perfect for those adrenaline-fueled rides. The handlebar, built from the same material, allows for responsive control and maneuverability. The puncture-resistant tires keep you moving in the harshest of terrains, and the full-coverage front and rear fenders protect you from splashes and debris.

The X-Trail Pro is a stunning example of how cutting-edge technology can marry with design, performance, and security to create an e-biking experience that will thrill, excite, and inspire. At $1,999, it's a value-packed investment for those looking to infuse their active lifestyles with a dash of exhilaration.

Remember, life's greatest adventures start with a single pedal stroke. So, why not make that stroke on a Bandit X-Trail Pro? Embrace the thrill, the adventure, the freedom. Happy riding, friends!


  1. Top-Notch Performance: The X-Trail Pro features a 750W front and 1000W rear hub motor, enabling unparalleled speed and hill-climbing capabilities. With a top speed of 42 MPH, it's a true powerhouse.
  2. Excellent Range: The dual-battery, dual-motor system provides a remarkable range of up to 120 miles, perfect for long-distance adventures.
  3. Off-Road Ready: Hydraulic adjustable front suspension and rear spring suspension ensure a smooth ride over all types of terrain, whether city streets or rugged trails.
  4. Innovative Features: From a tap-to-unlock NFC card to a smart app for ride configuration, the X-Trail Pro is packed with high-tech features.
  5. Superior Security: It comes equipped with a range of security features, including a bindable NFC key-card and a premium theft detection system, providing peace of mind to the rider.
  6. Quality Construction: Constructed with a 6061 aluminum frame and equipped with puncture-resistant tires, it's built to last.


  1. Price: With a tag of $1,999, the X-Trail Pro is a significant investment. While it offers a variety of premium features, it might be out of budget for some potential buyers.
  2. Weight: At 55 kg, this e-bike is heavier than some other models on the market. This could make it harder to transport without the aid of power.
  3. Charging Time: Despite having an impressive range, a full charge requires 5 hours. If you're planning a full day of riding, you'll need to plan charging times accordingly.
  4. Pending App Launch: While the smart app promises a wealth of control options, it's still listed as “coming soon.” Buyers will need to wait to take full advantage of these features.
  5. Unclear Saddle Information: The information about the saddle (seat) of the bike is listed as “TBD” (To Be Determined). The comfort of the saddle can significantly affect the ride experience, so this is important information that potential buyers may miss.


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