BAJAO Cabin: The All-in-One Tent for Trekking, Road Trips, and Paddleboarding

Versatile SUP-based camping tent solution

In this unpredictable yet wonderfully sprawling world of ours, there's nothing quite like the freedom and solace of venturing out into the unknown, to be one with nature's rhythmic ebb and flow. As one's journey unfolds, adapting to the capricious whims of the great outdoors becomes an essential part of the story. One such innovative creation that attempts to redefine this adaptability is the BAJAO Cabin, an all-in-one tent for your paddleboard.

The BAJAO Cabin is a harmonious blend of convenience, innovation, and versatility. It adds a cabin to your SUP (Stand Up Paddleboard), transforming your watercraft into a snug retreat, whether floating on serene water or resting atop a rocky shore. It's all about versatility here. With a simple yet clever design, this tent allows you to repurpose your SUP as a comfortable air mattress, providing an unparalleled camping experience even on the trickiest of terrains.

Incorporating a unique air frame, the BAJAO Cabin accounts for the difference in height between the water or floor and the deck of your board. The secret lies in the two inflatable arches, which attach to the inner tent. Couple these with the ingenious sidepipes, and you've got a setup that not only balances height disparities but also grants your board remarkable stability on the water. It's quite the transformation, turning your paddleboard into a buoyant campsite on calm, shallow waters.

But don't get the impression that the BAJAO Cabin is strictly a water-dwelling home-away-from-home. These sidepipes can be removed, allowing you to set up your cabin directly on the ground, effectively transforming it into a typical trekking tent. This offers a fantastic degree of flexibility, whether you're hiking through a dense forest, camping on a sandy beach, or sleeping under the stars on a tranquil lake.

What's more, this multi-purpose cabin makes for a stellar rooftop tent, conveniently attaching to any car's roof rack. Ideal for those spontaneous road trips, where finding a perfect spot to lay your head becomes part of the adventure.

From muddy banks to rocky surfaces and even on water, the BAJAO Cabin, coupled with your SUP, ensures you've got a comfortable base wherever you decide to settle for the night. And if you're lucky enough to experience a clear, star-filled sky, the cabin allows you to sleep under the cosmos, safely shielded from any pesky insects by the protective mesh.

At 3 meters long, the tent is adjustable to boards of various dimensions. It's incredibly lightweight and compact, ensuring you have space for other essentials on your journey. Plus, inflating it is a breeze with the provided adapters, compatible with various pumps, from your iSUP pump to a standard bicycle pump.

Created by German paddler Christopher Mantz, the BAJAO Cabin aims to expand your SUP experiences into multi-day adventures, allowing you to move your mobile shelter wherever you desire. Currently, it's seeking backing on Indiegogo. The proposed retail price is $654, but early backers can snag one for a pledge of $414, or opt for immediate shipment with the Super Fast pledge of $471.

To the spirited nomads, thrill-seekers, and outdoor enthusiasts – the BAJAO Cabin embodies the essence of adaptability and flexibility. It invites you to rewrite the rules of outdoor exploration, blurring the lines between water sport and camping. After all, isn't life more fascinating when you can blur the lines and make your own rules? Whether you're a seasoned adventurer or just starting your journey, the BAJAO Cabin might just be the versatile companion you never knew you needed. After all, who doesn't love the idea of a floating abode where the scenery can change as often as the tides?


  1. Versatility: The BAJAO Cabin can function as a paddleboard tent, a rooftop tent, or a standard trekking tent. This makes it a highly adaptable solution for different types of camping.
  2. Innovation: The patent-pending air frame design compensates for the height difference between the floor or water and the deck of the SUP board. This contributes to the tent's stability and functionality in various settings.
  3. Comfort: The use of the SUP board as an air mattress provides a comfortable sleeping surface, regardless of the terrain underneath.
  4. Stability: The sidepipes not only compensate for height differences but also stabilize the board on the water, allowing for safe and secure water camping.
  5. Lightweight and Compact: The BAJAO Cabin is designed to be lightweight and compact. This is crucial for those who value portability in their camping equipment.
  6. Easy Inflation: With the provided adapters, inflating the BAJAO Cabin is straightforward using a range of pump types.


  1. Cost: With a projected retail price of $654, the BAJAO Cabin could be seen as a significant investment, especially for casual outdoor enthusiasts.
  2. Dependence on SUP Board: While the tent can function without a paddleboard, much of its innovative appeal lies in its integration with the SUP. This limits its functionality for those who don't own or plan to use a paddleboard.
  3. Limited Capacity: The BAJAO Cabin is designed as a one-person tent. This could be a downside for those who prefer camping in groups or families.
  4. Safety Concerns: If used as a water tent, there may be safety concerns depending on the conditions of the water body and the user's ability to anchor the tent properly in shallow waters.
  5. Lack of Insulation: As an inflatable tent with air poles and a SUP board as a base, it might lack sufficient insulation in colder climates or seasons.


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