Automobili Pininfarina’s B95: The Future of Electric Hyper-Barchettas!

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Ah, the open road. The wind in your hair, the thrum of a powerful engine underfoot, and the endless horizon stretched out before you. There are few experiences as exhilarating as driving a finely crafted automobile, and when that automobile is the Pininfarina B95, well, that's a whole new level of exhilaration.

The Italian brand Automobili Pininfarina has just re-entered the scene with a piece that can only be described as a vehicular masterpiece. Taking a step back from their previous dive into the SUV realm, they've introduced the B95 – what they hail as the world's first pure-electric open-top hyper-barchetta. And boy, what a sight to behold!

Its design, inspired by the Pura Vision study, exudes an elegance and aerodynamic allure that harkens back to the golden age of motorsports. It has the rounded nose and razor-thin headlamps that many have come to associate with Pininfarina, but it's the hints of the Battista, especially the body-piercing grille slats, that truly make it a standout. This feature, seemingly plucked from the realms of high-end tech, is a work of genius that marries form and function in directing airflow.

Underneath its vibrant yellow and charcoal exterior, the B95 boasts a powertrain that would make any gearhead's heart race. A staggering 1,877 hp is produced by its quartet of motors, ensuring that 0-60 mph is achieved in under 2 seconds. Couple that with its top speed of 186 mph, and this vehicle is clearly not just a pretty face.

Now, while it lacks a roof or windshield, fear not, for Pininfarina has graced it with the world's first adjustable aero screens. Think vintage fighter planes. These clear, bubble-like screens can be tweaked to your liking, giving you personalized comfort even when you're pushing its top speed.

Inside, you're enveloped in a lavish world. Racer-inspired seats swathed in soft tan leather with contrast stitching welcome you. The touch of houndstooth-patterned textile on the head and shoulder rests is a delightful nod to classic design. The carbon dash, laid out ahead of the occupants, is styled to seamlessly blend with the car's bodywork, guiding the driver's gaze forward. Everything about its interior speaks of meticulous thought and artistry.

The B95 isn't just a name; it's a nod to Pininfarina's rich legacy. Set to go into production in 2025, it marks the 95th anniversary of this iconic brand. But, here's the thing – only 10 of these masterpieces will be crafted, each with a price tag of around US$4.7 million. So, this isn't just a car. It's a collector's dream.

If you're heading to Monterey Car Week, you're in for a treat. Pininfarina will be showcasing the B95 alongside other marvels like the special-edition Battista Edizione Nino Farina GT.

In the end, what we have here is not just another car, but a testament to timeless design, innovative engineering, and the sheer passion for driving. The B95 is a celebration of the road, of speed, and of the pure joy that comes from piloting a piece of automotive art. So, to those fortunate few who might one day call this car their own, I say: enjoy every second behind the wheel. It's bound to be an unforgettable ride.


  1. Pure Electric: As the world's first pure-electric open-top hyper-barchetta, the B95 is a step forward in sustainable high-performance motoring.
  2. Impressive Performance: With a massive 1,877-hp electric drive, the B95 boasts a sub-2-second 0-60-mph sprint.
  3. Unique Design Features: The body-piercing grille slats, influenced by high-end tech designs, make it visually arresting.
  4. Adjustable Aero Screens: These world-first screens offer customized wind protection, allowing for a comfortable drive even at high speeds.
  5. Luxurious Interior: The soft tan leather seats with houndstooth-patterned textile and a meticulously designed dashboard ensure an opulent driving experience.
  6. Quick Charging: The liquid-cooled lithium-ion battery can charge from 20 to 80% in just 25 minutes (at 270-kW charging rate).
  7. Limited Production: Being limited to only 10 bespoke hand-crafted examples, owning a B95 becomes an exclusive privilege, adding to its collector's value.
  8. Homage to Legacy: The naming and production timing pay tribute to Pininfarina's 95-year legacy, connecting past and present.


  1. Exorbitant Price: With a base price tag of approximately US$4.7 million, the B95 is out of reach for most consumers.
  2. Limited Production: The very aspect that makes it exclusive could also be a drawback, as many enthusiasts might never get a chance to own or even experience the car.
  3. Open Top Design: The lack of a roof or traditional windshield may not be to everyone's liking and could limit its usability in various weather conditions.
  4. Comparisons with Past Models: Some design elements are borrowed or inspired from other Pininfarina models like the Battista, which might not appeal to those looking for something entirely new.

While the B95 undeniably offers a unique blend of performance, luxury, and exclusivity, its high price tag and limited availability might make it a dream rather than a reality for many car enthusiasts.


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