Assled – World’s first foldable, wearable sled

Folds like a yoga mat, worn on your ass

Time to get your ass on the mountain with the Assled, a lightweight foldable sled you can wear on your behind. It's a lot more lightweight than a conventional sled and hassle-free since you can wear it. You don't have carry about big and heavy sleds anymore. Use it in addition to Snowfeet or SkiSkates (from the same company) or as a standalone, it's another fun way to enjoy the mountains.

No skills are required to use the Assled as it literally is just sliding down a mountain on your ass though you might develop some skills with it the more you use it. The Assled is made of a thick and soft pad to absorb bumps and protect your ass from the rough surface. The outer layer is made of durable tarpaulin canvas to help you slide on snow at high speeds.

There's also a back seat for another passenger or for riding while lying on your stomach. For more cushioning for you butt, you can fold the back for yourself.

Not made for sand dunes

If you're thinking this might be great for riding sand dunes in the desert then we have bad news. While the tarpaulin used in the construction of the Assled is tough, it can tear if it slid over stones and other sharp objects.

The Assled is made only for snow and slides over it without getting stuck like regular sleds. That would not have been the case if it was made of hard material that could withstand sand and rocks as the hard edges could dig into the snow.


  • Looks like fun
  • Lightweight
  • Fits in a backpack when folded
  • Wearable


  • Cannot be used on sand
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