Asics GEL-CUMULUS™ 25: For Smooth, Energized Running Adventures

Comfortable, Responsive, Sustainable, Cushioned, Durable

Let's embark on a tale of soft landings and swift toe-offs, a journey where your feet are hugged gently by a garment conceived with meticulous thought and environmental consideration. The GEL-CUMULUS™ 25 shoe invites you to a dance of finesse and vitality, cushioning each step with its delightful duo: the new PureGEL™ technology and FF BLAST™ PLUS cushioning. This tandem whispers promises of softer-than-ever landings and a ride bursting with energy.

Dive into the tapestry of its construction, and you find a beautifully engineered jacquard mesh upper, a breathable and comforting embrace for your feet, delicately crafted to invigorate and please the senses while ensuring a touch as soft as the dawn’s first light. Reflective details interwoven into the fabric dance like tiny specks of starlight, catching the dim glow of the moon or the distant glimmer of street lamps to keep you visible, a silent guardian in low-light conditions.

For those with a conscience as deep and boundless as the ocean, the GEL-CUMULUS™ 25 doesn't disappoint. It wears its heart on its sleeve, or rather, its upper. Seventy-five percent of this material sings a ballad of recycling, a commitment etched into its fibers to tread lightly on this Earth, reducing both waste and carbon emissions without sacrificing the symphony of comfort and support that plays beneath your feet.

Stepping into the shoe, you’re greeted by the OrthoLite™ X-30 sockliner, a gentle, welcoming hand that guides you into unparalleled comfort. And as you set off on your journey, whether it be a sprint or a marathon painted with the hues of exertion and exhilaration, every step is caressed and supported, thanks to the full-ground contact design. It’s a design choice that orchestrates a ride smooth and efficient, a dance of mechanics and materials in perfect harmony.

But alas, the epic doesn't end here. The saga of the GEL-CUMULUS™ 25 is also one of resilience. The AHAR™ outsole rubber, placed thoughtfully in areas where the wear of the world is felt the most, adds both grip and longevity to your soles. It’s a steadfast companion in your adventures, bearing the brunt of the asphalt yet light enough not to weigh you down.

Yet, beyond the poetic tapestry of technology and design, one cannot ignore the symphony’s price of admission, a ticket priced at $140. The question that whispers through the pines, then, is whether the embrace of the GEL-CUMULUS™ 25, with its siren song of comfort, sustainability, and durability, is worth the golden coins it asks for. In the theatre of the road, under the vast, infinite canvas of the sky, only your feet can pen the final verse of this ode.


  1. New PureGEL™ Technology: Provides softer-than-ever landings, ensuring maximum comfort.
  2. FF BLAST™ PLUS Cushioning: Offers a responsive rebound, energizing each step.
  3. Engineered Jacquard Mesh Upper: Enhances breathability and overall foot comfort.
  4. Reflective Details: Designed for better visibility during low-light conditions, adding a layer of safety.
  5. Eco-Friendly Design:
  • Over 75% of the shoe's main upper material is made with recycled content, promoting sustainability.
  • The shoe's sockliner dyeing process reduces water usage and carbon emissions significantly.
  • More than 90% of the polyester in the upper mesh is from recycled materials.
  1. OrthoLite™ X-30 Sockliner: Offers exceptional step-in comfort.
  2. Full-Ground Contact Design: Ensures a smoother, more efficient ride.
  3. AHAR™ Outsole Rubber: Increases durability, especially in high-wear areas.


  1. Price Point: At $140, it might be considered pricey for some consumers.
  2. Weight: At 266g/9.38oz, there might be lighter alternatives available in the market.
  3. Updated Features: For users familiar with previous versions, adapting to the new features might take some time.
  4. Full-Length Midsole: While it offers more cushioning, it could potentially alter the feel for runners used to a lower profile shoe.


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