Arai Classic-V: Where Heritage Meets High-Tech in Helmet Design

Vintage Design Meets Modern Protection

Embracing the charm of a bygone era, this handsome piece of headgear merges quintessential aesthetics with state-of-the-art engineering. The Classic-V by Arai isn't just a homage to the past, but a toast to the future. It promises a fusion of heritage styling and cutting-edge luxuries; a tantalizing blend that could tickle the fancy of the active and adventurous spirit in you.

The helmet boasts a traditional stitched faux leather edge trim, adding a touch of ‘old school' glamour to your ride. The same faux leather tastefully accents the interior, as comfortable as it is stylish. It's a design that insists you don't have to compromise style for safety or vice versa.

It’s clear that Arai's commitment to quality and protection is undiminished, even in the Classic-V's ostensibly retro design. The proprietary PBcLc shell construction — Peripherally Belted, Complex Laminate construction — demonstrates this commitment. It's reassuring to know that this beautiful helmet has been crafted with as much attention to detail and care as any other in the Arai lineup.

At the heart of the Classic-V is a patented hidden ventilation system. Fresh air pours into the helmet through three forehead channels, gliding over your head, sweeping away heat. This cool breeze then escapes via a hidden multi-stage channel and out through the ingenious Venturi exhaust. It's a design that ensures not only do you look cool, you stay cool.

The interior of the Classic-V showcases the same degree of innovation and attention to comfort. Arai’s unique low acidic fabric is used, working to maintain a balanced pH level with your skin. Plus, it's odor-resistant, which means your helmet stays fresher for longer between cleanings. Perfect for those long summer rides or the daring off-road adventure.

Arai has long been a pioneer of personalized fit, tailoring the helmet shape to better accommodate the wide spectrum of human head shapes and sizes. Their INTERMEDIATE OVAL interior fit shape featured in Classic-V attests to that. Arai understands that a helmet isn't just about protection, it's about comfort too. A well-fitted helmet can make the difference between an average ride and an exceptional one.

The Classic-V even has you covered when it comes to your goggles. An authentic stitched leather goggle strap holder ensures your goggle straps stay put throughout the ride. A simple addition, perhaps, but one that shows how Arai considers every detail of your ride.

In conclusion, the Arai Classic-V, available in a variety of stylish shades from Copper Frost to Black Frost, offers a truly individual experience. It's an expression of your unique spirit; a marriage of past and future that allows you to take to the road or trail in style. It is more than a helmet; it's a statement, an embodiment of tradition, technology, and thoughtful design. After all, why just be active when you can do it with flair?


  1. Heritage Styling: The Classic-V offers a unique blend of vintage design and modern luxuries, appealing to those who appreciate the old-school aesthetic without sacrificing contemporary comforts.
  2. Quality and Protection: Featuring Arai’s proprietary PBcLc shell construction, the helmet guarantees an uncompromising level of quality and protection. It adheres to both SNELL and DOT-certification, making it a reliable choice for safety-conscious riders.
  3. Customized Fit: Arai has always excelled in tailoring its products to individual head shapes and sizes. The Classic-V, with its INTERMEDIATE OVAL interior fit shape, further strengthens this commitment.
  4. Advanced Ventilation System: The patented hidden ventilation system is both innovative and effective, ensuring that riders stay cool and comfortable during their ride.
  5. Interior Comfort: The use of low acidic fabric offers additional comfort, maintains skin's pH balance, and keeps the helmet fresher for longer periods.
  6. Accessory-Ready: The faux leather stitched goggle strap holder is a nice touch, securing your goggles in place during rides.


  1. Price: Retailing at $489.95, the Arai Classic-V could be considered pricey for some potential buyers. The investment, however, could be justified by the exceptional quality and features offered.
  2. Weight: Although not explicitly mentioned, helmets with advanced construction like the PBcLc shell can sometimes be heavier than their simpler counterparts. This may not be ideal for riders who prefer a lightweight helmet.
  3. Retro Styling: The helmet's vintage look, while a significant draw for some, might not appeal to riders who prefer a more modern aesthetic.
  4. Limited Color Options: The Classic-V comes in a somewhat limited palette of colors. While the offered colors are stylish, more vibrant options might attract a wider range of consumers.

In conclusion, while the Arai Classic-V helmet has a few minor potential downsides, its strengths are compelling, making it a top-tier choice for any rider who values a blend of safety, comfort, and style.


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