Flyboard Air – Green Goblin Flying Machine Hoverboard

flyboard air ride over body of water

If you think hoverboards (like the one from Back to the Future) are cool, you’ll love the Flyboard Air. The water-powered version of the Flyboard has been around for years now and there are a few experts already but they’re always tethered to a jetski.

The Flyboard Air created by Zapata allows you to fly like the Green Goblin (the villain from Spiderman) without anything tethered to it. It’s awe inspiring and looks a little bit scary.

It claims to be stable in the air though and can reach speeds up to 100mph. There are four turbo engines on the board and two more on the sides for stabilization. Should one engine fail, the board can still be operated safely.

I have to admit, the Flyboard Air has very little chance to make it to the consumers. The French company behind the Flyboard has been temporarily barred from conducting test flights in France and flying machines typically come with a lot of restrictions.

If things don’t go well, there’s still the water-powered Flyboard for you to enjoy. According to Zapata the Flyboard Air has the same behavior as the ESH Flyboard Pro Series. There’s still ample time to practice in case the Air version comes through in the future.

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