ABUS Alarmbox 2.0: The Ultimate Guardian with 100dB Alarm and 3D Position Detection

Smart, loud, versatile property guardian

There's a certain siren's song, you see, that plays when you wander through life, be it from corner café to bustling marketplace, or even the quiet retreat of your own backyard. It's the call of your cherished possessions — the purr of your vintage motorcycle, the whispered secrets of your top-shelf grill, or the weathered comfort of your favorite two-wheeler. But we don't live in a world blind to petty desires and sticky fingers. That's where the ABUS Alarmbox 2.0 enters the scene.

Now, imagine a loyal hound, always on alert, engineered to guard your worldly treasures. This little device, no bigger than your clenched fist and weighing a scant 430 grams, is like a watchdog that never sleeps. Sheathed in stark, sleek black, it's not just a security measure, but an accessory with an aesthetic appeal, a small beacon of safety in a chaotic world.

Incorporating a 2-in-1 system of alarm and locking, the Alarmbox 2.0 stands guard over your belongings. From bicycles to barbecues, it's ready to rise to the occasion, integrating seamlessly with ABUS adapter chains or cables. Now, you may wonder about its intelligence, and let me tell you, it's as bright as they come. With 3D Position Detection, it senses the smallest movements and vibrations in all three dimensions, ready to cry havoc at the first sign of trouble.

A thief lurking in the shadows would like nothing more than to move quietly and quickly, but the Alarmbox 2.0 ensures they don't get the luxury of silence. At the first signs of trouble, a mere slight impact or movement, the alarm gives a warning chirp, like a bird's call at dawn. But if the perpetrator doesn't take the hint, it's not just an angry chirp they get. It's a full-blown, 100-decibel aria that rings out for a good 15 seconds before reactivating — that's akin to a motorcycle revving up right next to you. Not exactly music to a thief's ears, I'd wager.

Designed to mount easily on a range of tubes, from your beloved bike to the patio umbrella, the Alarmbox 2.0 is a flexible attachment, a sentinel to ward off the opportunistic marauder. And the convenience of key locking adds to its user-friendly appeal. With included CR2 batteries, it's ready to go to work right out of the box.

So, whether you're a suburban dad with a prized grill, an urban cyclist with a custom ride, or simply someone who values security and peace of mind, consider the ABUS Alarmbox 2.0. This little gem is not just a device, it's an investment in safety, a guardian in a compact form, a musical maestro poised to play a symphony of deterrence at the first sign of an intruder. Give your possessions the protection they deserve and turn down the volume on worry.


  1. Intelligent Alarm System: The 3D Position Detection system is highly sensitive, picking up the smallest movements and vibrations in all three dimensions. This ensures a swift response to potential threats.
  2. Versatility: The Alarmbox 2.0 can be attached to a wide range of objects from bicycles to barbecues, making it a versatile security solution.
  3. Audible Warning: It emits a warning sound at slight impacts or movements, deterring potential thieves from persisting with their intentions.
  4. Loud Alarm: In the event of a persistent theft attempt, a 100 dB alarm is triggered. This is roughly equivalent to the sound of a motorcycle, which is highly likely to draw attention.
  5. Integration with ABUS Accessories: The Alarmbox can be integrated with further ABUS adapter chains or cables to secure additional objects.
  6. Easy to Install: It can be easily attached to various types of frames or posts, making the setup process simple and convenient.


  1. Price: At $109.99, the cost might be considered steep by some customers, especially when compared to traditional locks or less advanced security systems.
  2. Sensitivity: The alarm's high sensitivity might be a double-edged sword. It may trigger false alarms due to minor or accidental impacts, such as a ball hitting it or a strong gust of wind.
  3. Battery Life: Although it comes with CR2 batteries included, frequent alarms could potentially drain the batteries quickly, leading to additional maintenance costs.
  4. Lack of Stealth: The alarm function, while effective, eliminates the element of surprise. Savvy thieves might be able to disable the device before it triggers the main alarm if they're familiar with the warning sound.
  5. Design Limitations: The alarm box can only be mounted on tube-like structures. This design limitation could restrict its use on other types of properties.


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