2024 KTM 790 ADVENTURE Review: Conquer Trails and Tarmac

Rugged, agile, advanced, comfortable, versatile

Imagine you're seeking an adventure that transcends the ordinary, where every twist and turn presents a new challenge, and your companion on this journey is none other than the 2024 KTM 790 ADVENTURE. This motorcycle isn't just a machine; it's a passport to uncharted territories and exhilarating experiences.

The 2024 KTM 790 ADVENTURE revives the spirit of its predecessors, combining the thrill of off-road conquest with the comfort of long-distance travel. The heart of this beast is a reworked 799cc parallel-twin engine, offering smoother power delivery with 93.87 horsepower at your command. This powerplant is seamlessly integrated into a powder-coated tubular chromoly steel frame, engineered for resilience and agility on both paved roads and rugged trails.

Riding comfort is paramount when you're miles away from civilization. The bike's WP APEX suspension, both upfront and at the rear, ensures a ride that's both responsive and forgiving, no matter the terrain. Its off-road-ready wheelset, wrapped in Pirelli Scorpion STR rubber, offers a balance of durability and performance, whether you're tearing through muddy trails or cruising on the highway.

But what truly sets the 2024 model apart is its advanced electronics package, a feature more commonly found in larger, more advanced models. The 6D IMU-regulated traction control and cornering ABS, coupled with the off-road ABS mode and multiple power delivery modes, put you in complete control. The bike's state-of-the-art 5” TFT display, with connectivity to the KTMconnect app and Turn-by-Turn+ navigation, keeps you informed and on track, no matter where your adventure leads.

The KTM 790 ADVENTURE is not just about technical prowess. Its design speaks volumes of its intent. The modern Dakar-inspired bodywork, reinforced with forged aluminum brackets, and a taller, rally-inspired windscreen, embody the spirit of adventure. The use of mold-in technology for graphics, avoiding raised stickers or decals, adds to its sleek and rugged look.

For those who demand even more, KTM offers performance and tech upgrades, including the Quickshifter+ and a cruise control system. These additions cater to the rider seeking an edge, transforming an already formidable machine into a tailor-made adventure tool.

As for the cost, while not yet official, an estimate of around $12,000 to $14,000 seems reasonable. A price, I'd argue, that's a fair trade for a machine that promises to redefine your concept of adventure.

So, whether you're an experienced rider seeking new challenges or an enthusiast eager to explore the world on two wheels, the 2024 KTM 790 ADVENTURE is more than just a motorcycle. It's a commitment to adventure, a promise of exhilaration, and a companion on the journey to the unknown. Its return to the market isn't just a revival of a model; it's a rekindling of the spirit of adventure in all of us.


  1. Enhanced Engine Performance: The 2024 KTM 790 ADVENTURE features a modified 799cc parallel-twin engine with a smoother power delivery and increased horsepower.
  2. Advanced Electronics: The motorcycle boasts a class-leading electronics package, including 6D IMU-regulated traction control, cornering ABS, and multiple power delivery modes.
  3. Improved Comfort: A reworked suspension system and one-piece seat offer comfort for long rides and the seat is designed for both offroad agility and road-going touring.
  4. Superior Control: The combination of offroad ABS, Motorcycle Traction Control (MTC), and a high-end steering damper provides excellent control in various riding scenarios.
  5. State-of-the-Art Display: A 5” TFT display with Bluetooth connectivity allows for easy navigation and control of music and calls on the go.
  6. Durability and Design: Durable, in-mold graphics and a rally-inspired bodywork provide a striking aesthetic and practicality in tough conditions.
  7. Customizable Features: Optional upgrades like Quickshifter+ and Cruise Control enhance the riding experience further.
  8. Versatile Traction: The inclusion of PIRELLI SCORPION STR tires means the bike is ready for both on-road and off-road adventures.


  1. Pricing Uncertainty: The price has not been officially announced, which can be a consideration for budget-conscious riders.
  2. Weight Increase: A 20% increase in crankshaft weight might add to the overall mass of the bike, potentially affecting its nimbleness.
  3. Complexity for Novices: The advanced electronics and rider aids might overwhelm less experienced riders.
  4. Fuel Quality Sensitivity: While the engine has a knocking control system, poorer fuel quality can still be a concern in remote areas.
  5. Specialized Maintenance: The high-tech components may require specialized service, which could be less accessible on long trips.
  6. Seat Width: The wider tank spoilers and rear side panels might not suit all riders and could affect long-term comfort for some.
  7. Limited Offroad ABS Functionality: While the Offroad ABS is a pro, it is automatically toggled in certain modes, which might not be preferable for all riders who like to have manual control.
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