100% NORVIK™: Sunglasses That Take You Further

Adventure, Durability, Style Unified

Designed in the sun-kissed land of California by the dynamic team at 100%, these NORVIK™ sunglasses capture the essence of style, innovation, and exceptional functionality. Drawing inspiration from the exhilarating world of vintage racing designs, these shades elegantly blend the past with the present.

The Polished Translucent Lavender finish exudes a unique charm, and the HiPER® Lavender Mirror Lens adds an extra dose of intrigue. These aren't just accessories, they are statement pieces.

100% ensures you don't compromise on comfort. With 5.5 base cylindrical lenses and a sleek frame design, these glasses embrace your features, offering a comfortable fit no matter how extreme the adventure. The ultra-grip rubber nose and temple tips secure these glasses in place, regardless of the pace of your active lifestyle.

Durability is another star feature of these sunglasses. The lenses, resistant to cracks and chemicals, are like a dependable partner on your escapades. A top-tier scratch-resistant lens coating turns these glasses into a veritable shield, repelling water, dirt, and oil.

Akin to mindful warriors, the glasses not only safeguard your vision but also offer protection from peripheral glare and the elements with their purpose-built side shields. The interchangeable lenses promise versatility, and the 100% UV protection takes care of harmful sun rays.

The thoughtful inclusion of a hard case, microfiber cleaning bag, clear replacement lenses, and extra alternative fit nose pads shows 100%'s commitment to your complete experience. These are more than just sunglasses, they are your adventure companions.

100%'s NORVIK™ stands as a brilliant example of the fusion of style, substance, and functionality. The price tag of $149 is a worthy investment for a product that promises to transform everyday experiences into extraordinary adventures for those who lead an active lifestyle.


  1. Design and Style: Inspired by racing designs, the 100% NORVIK™ seamlessly blends vintage appeal with a modern touch, presented in a unique Polished Translucent Lavender shade and HiPER® Lavender Mirror Lens.
  2. Durability: Constructed from crack and chemical resistant materials, the NORVIK™ promises longevity. An added scratch-resistant lens coating increases the product's lifespan.
  3. Comfort: With its sleek frame design, 5.5 base cylindrical lenses, and ultra-grip rubber nose and temple tips, the NORVIK™ ensures comfort during prolonged wear.
  4. Versatility: The interchangeable lenses add a layer of customization, making it suitable for various environments and lighting conditions.
  5. Protection: The glasses offer 100% UV protection (UV400), hydrophobic and oleophobic lens that repel water, dirt, and oil, and side-shields that minimize peripheral glare and protect from elements.
  6. Extras Included: The product comes with a hard case, microfiber cleaning bag, clear replacement lenses, and extra alternative fit nose pads, adding value to the purchase.


  1. Price: Priced at $149, the NORVIK™ may be considered expensive compared to other brands in the market.
  2. Lens Color: The lavender lens color might not be suitable for everyone's taste or for all lighting conditions, despite its unique appeal.
  3. Frame Material: While the TR90 frame material is lightweight and flexible, it might not be as durable or rigid as metal frames.
  4. Limited Styles: As the product description only mentions the Lavender color variant, the lack of color and style options might be a drawback for some potential buyers.


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