Cedar Ridge Campers Vega 2.0: Where Rugged Design Meets Uncompromised Comfort

Rugged, Luxurious, Innovative Adventure Trailer

I've been fortunate enough to experience a great many things in my life – some exotic, some simple – and I'll tell you this, there's an intrinsic romance to the open road. The potential for the unknown, the thrill of possibility, the promise of unforgettable experiences, it's all encapsulated in a compact teardrop trailer, the Vega 2.0 from Cedar Ridge Campers. This isn't just a piece of camping gear, my friends. No, it's a beautifully designed passport to freedom.

Its unassuming design belies the sheer practicality of this little marvel. The Kentucky-based company Cedar Ridge, has built a micro-shelter, well, a camp-in-a-box, that brings the convenience of an RV into a sleek, easily-towable package. The hassle of packing up for camping – an ordeal we're all too familiar with – vanishes with this on-the-go base camp. What a vision of simplicity: just load some groceries, hitch up and hit the road.

What I find especially attractive about this model is the innovative layout. The expandable galley is like having your own versatile field kitchen on wheels. Shove aside the typical cramped teardrop kitchen; the Vega 2.0 comes equipped with a slide-out stove and sink, leaving you a free, full-width stainless steel countertop. This thoughtful design provides ample space for meal prep and storage, a rare luxury in the world of micro-camping.

Moreover, the construction, durability, and the amenities this mini wonder offers are impressive. With its wood-free fiberglass-composite body, the Vega 2.0 assures you a lifetime of adventure without the worry of water damage or decay. There's an impressive 105-Ah lithium battery system, a Redarc management system, and wireless charging for your devices, perfect for those who love staying connected even in the wilderness.

Inside, it's comfort incarnate. The queen-size memory foam mattress, under-mattress storage, and generously sized cabinets make this cabin cozy and practical. Add in the Truma Combi water heater/furnace and the faux-wood paneling, and the Vega 2.0 is downright homely. The Stargazer window is a cherry on top, offering an awe-inspiring view of the night sky as you tuck in.

Now, depending on your adventure spirit, the Vega 2.0 comes in two variants – AT and XT. The AT model, riding on a 2×2 steel-tube frame, is perfect for on and off-road terrain. Meanwhile, the beefier XT model, with a 2×3 steel frame and an upgraded 3,500-lb suspension, is ready to face the most extreme terrains. Choose wisely, my friends, for both paths promise exciting journeys.

As someone who has traveled extensively, I've developed a certain fondness for small, practical things that make a huge difference. The Vega 2.0, with its combination of efficiency and comfort, speaks directly to that sentiment. So, whether you're a weekend wanderer or a seasoned nomad, the Cedar Ridge Campers' Vega 2.0 teardrop trailer is a fantastic companion that promises to make the journey just as memorable as the destination.


  1. Versatile and Functional Design: The Vega 2.0’s design allows for high functionality, particularly with its innovative expandable galley. You're not just getting a mini-kitchen, but one that is smartly designed to maximise the use of space.
  2. Quality Construction: With a wood-free fiberglass-composite body, the trailer is built to withstand elements and age well, assuring you of a long-term return on your investment.
  3. Comfortable Accommodation: Its sleeping quarters come close to a full residential queen size bed, ensuring you're not sacrificing comfort for the adventure.
  4. High-End Electrical System: The trailer features a sophisticated electrical system with a 105-Ah lithium battery, 100-W detachable solar panel, 1,500-W pure sine inverter, and a Redarc management system.
  5. Rugged and Durable: With two models on offer, the Vega 2.0 AT and XT are both made to handle various terrains with impressive ground clearances and robust steel frames.
  6. Outdoor Connectivity: The large Stargazer skylight window is a unique touch, allowing you to connect with the outdoors even when you're tucked in for the night.


  1. Price Point: Starting at $31,500 for the Vega AT and $34,500 for the Vega XT, the cost could be a deterrent for budget-conscious adventurers.
  2. Limited Cold Storage Access: The design decision to move the stove and sink to a slide-out unit limits the under-counter space that could have been used for a fridge/cooler slide-out. Now, you have to walk around to the front storage box to access cold storage.
  3. Towing Vehicle Requirements: You will need an adequately capable vehicle to tow the trailer, which can restrict those who don't own or have access to such a vehicle.
  4. Weight and Size: Even though it's designed to be lightweight and compact, the Vega 2.0 can still present a significant amount of weight and size to handle, especially for novice campers.
  5. No Built-In Air Conditioning: While the Vega 2.0 is equipped with a heater, it lacks a built-in air conditioning system which could make it less ideal for camping in hot weather. An A/C is only available as an optional add-on.


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