Yeti SB135: Engineered for everyone regardless of height

Adventurous, agile, versatile, high-quality

The Yeti SB135 – an absolute trail blazer of a bike. A steed that begs for your guidance, yearning to explore the terrain you throw at it. This remarkable machine dares you to unleash its full potential, revealing a side of you that's wild and uninhibited.

From the moment you hop on the saddle, the SB135's playful and agile nature becomes evident. The geometry and design cater to riders who seek fun, excitement, and a touch of creativity in their rides. This bike is for those who aren't afraid to venture off the beaten path and carve their own trails.

The heart of the SB135 lies in its Switch Infinity suspension system. It's a game changer, redefining expectations and providing a smooth, responsive ride. The system's versatility, sensitivity, and longevity are unmatched, making this bike the ideal companion for any adventure.

One of the most impressive aspects of the SB135 is the attention to detail. The internal cable routing, the threaded aluminum bottom bracket shell, and the Hangerless Interface all point to a bike that's designed to be efficient, clean, and easy to maintain. Moreover, the unique pivot design and Floating Collet Axles work together to ensure smooth, long-lasting performance.

Yeti has gone the extra mile to accommodate a diverse range of riders, creating completely different frames for small and extra small sizes. This thoughtful engineering ensures that everyone, regardless of height, can enjoy the SB135 to the fullest.

The SB135's geometry is designed to be versatile and adaptable, making it suitable for a variety of terrains and riding styles. This bike is much more than just a plaything; it's a reliable companion for epic singletrack adventures and alpine explorations alike.

When it comes to the TURQ series, Yeti has struck the perfect balance between stiffness, compliance, and weight. The high-quality carbon fiber construction ensures that the SB135 is both durable and light, allowing riders to experience a consistently smooth ride.

In conclusion, the Yeti SB135 is a bike that captures the essence of freedom and exploration. The attention to detail, cutting-edge technology, and user-friendly design make it an exceptional choice for riders who are looking to push their limits and unleash their creativity on the trails. Whether you choose the frame alone or a full kit, you can be sure that the SB135 will deliver an exhilarating and unforgettable experience.


  1. Playful and agile: The Yeti SB135 offers a fun and responsive ride, making it perfect for riders who love exploring new trails and seeking creative lines.
  2. Switch Infinity suspension system: This advanced suspension design ensures a smooth, efficient, and versatile ride, adapting to various terrains and rider preferences.
  3. Attention to detail: Thoughtful engineering, such as internal cable routing, threaded aluminum bottom bracket shell, and Hangerless Interface, ensures a clean, easy-to-maintain bike.
  4. Accommodates diverse riders: Unique frames for small and extra small sizes make the SB135 accessible to a wide range of riders, regardless of height.
  5. Versatile geometry: The bike's geometry is adaptable to different terrains and riding styles, making it suitable for both singletrack adventures and alpine explorations.
  6. High-quality carbon fiber construction: The TURQ series strikes the perfect balance between stiffness, compliance, and weight, offering a durable and lightweight ride.


  1. Price: The Yeti SB135 is a high-end bike with a price tag to match, which may not be accessible to all riders. Frame-only pricing starts at $4,300, while full kits range from $6,400 to $10,300.
  2. Not beginner-friendly: With its advanced technology and features, the SB135 may be overwhelming for novice riders who are just starting to explore mountain biking.
  3. Potential for overkill: The SB135's capabilities might exceed the needs of some riders who primarily ride on more casual or less technical trails, making it an unnecessary investment for their specific needs.
  4. Maintenance: Although the bike is designed to be easy to maintain, the Switch Infinity suspension system and other advanced features may require specialized knowledge or professional assistance for proper upkeep.

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