WTB Vulpine: Lead the Pack with Fast Centerline and Round Profile Design

Efficiency, Speed, Protection, Traction, Style

Sometimes in life, the journey is just as important as the destination, and it's those hidden trails that make the adventure all the more worthwhile. There's a certain kind of poetry to it all, an intricate dance between rider and terrain. This makes your choice of tire an intimate one, an extension of you that touches the world you're exploring. So let me tell you about the Vulpine, a real game changer in the realm of gravel tires.

Now the Vulpine is not your run-of-the-mill tire. It’s the latest race-focused addition to WTB’s line, designed to bring you the joy of speed while letting you play with the loose terrain, no compromise on the corners, no giving up on the climbs, and no hesitation on the descents.

The heart of the Vulpine is its efficient knob spacing. The tightly spaced center knobs form a nearly uninterrupted centerline, decreasing rolling resistance and improving speed, while the rest of the tread is packed with short knobs that not only make the tire efficient but also help to minimize punctures.

With its fast centerline and its round profile, the Vulpine carries a certain elegance to it. Much like a high-volume road tire, it gives you that cornering confidence, regardless of the terrain or conditions. It promises a smoother ride, reduced rolling resistance, and longer lifespan than many of its peers.

At the core of this is the Dual DNA Compound, where you find a combination of two different rubber compounds strategically placed within the tread of a single tire. A harder centerline rubber for rolling efficiency and tread longevity, complemented by softer rubber around the edges, for grip and surety on corners across varied terrain.

The Vulpine also offers some serious peace of mind with its SG2 puncture protection. The nylon fibers inside the tire protect both the tread and sidewall from slashes and punctures. This doesn't just make the tire more resilient but also aids in maintaining pressure between rides. Plus, it's tubeless compatible. As someone who loves to be active, that’s less time fixing flats, more time hitting the trails.

One more thing, you know aesthetics matter when you're on the road or trail. The Vulpine comes in both black and tan sidewalls, blending retro looks with modern technology, giving you that perfect mix of performance and style.

When it's all said and done, the Vulpine is more than just a tire. It's an investment in your journey. It's about taking the road less travelled and enjoying every turn and twist along the way. So strap on the Vulpine, and let the world become your playground. Ride on, my friends.


  1. Efficient Knob Spacing: The unique design with tightly spaced center knobs and shorter side knobs helps in decreasing rolling resistance and increasing efficiency. This leads to improved speed and minimized punctures.
  2. Fast Centerline and Round Profile: The fast centerline and round profile mimic a high-volume road tire. This means you can expect increased tread longevity and enhanced cornering confidence across different terrains and conditions.
  3. Dual DNA Compound: The Vulpine incorporates two different rubber compounds in its tread. The harder centerline rubber boosts rolling efficiency and tread longevity, while the softer rubber at the edges aids in cornering confidence and grip on various terrain.
  4. SG2 Puncture Protection: With the bead-to-bead coverage from the SG2 puncture protection technology, the tire is resilient to slashes and punctures, ensuring a safer and smoother ride.
  5. Tubeless Compatibility: The Vulpine's tubeless compatibility offers an advantage by eliminating the need for tubes, reducing weight, and allowing lower tire pressures for better traction and comfort.
  6. Color Options: Available in both black and tan sidewalls, the tire offers aesthetics options to suit different riders' preferences.


  1. Price: At $65.95, the Vulpine is priced at a premium end of the gravel tire market. This may be a deterring factor for some customers, especially those on a budget.
  2. Weight Variations: The weight of the tire varies depending on the chosen model and protection type. Some models might be heavier than others, potentially impacting the overall ride performance.
  3. Specific Use: While the Vulpine is a great choice for gravel racing and riding, it may not perform as well in extremely muddy or slippery conditions due to its knob spacing and design.
  4. Availability of Puncture Protection: The SG2 puncture protection feature is not available in all models. Some riders might have to opt for a heavier model to enjoy this feature.


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