Wilier Filante SLR: Mastering the Art of Aerodynamics

Exceptional Aerodynamics. Lightweight. Customizable. Responsive

Well now, if you're in the pursuit of two-wheeled excellence, the Wilier Filante SLR is a rather tantalizing offering. The word “Filante” translates from Italian to mean “flying”, and let me tell you, it's an apt moniker for this sleek steed.

The engineering team at Wilier Triestina must've been wearing wizard hats when they conjured up this masterpiece. Drawing from the well-loved Cento10PRO, the Filante SLR introduces an aerodynamic evolution that is more than just a gust of wind.

To start, the aerodynamics of this fine piece of machinery are impressive. A wind tunnel may not exactly mimic the buffet of an Alpine pass, but Wilier Triestina has gone the extra mile, taking into account environmental turbulence and designing accordingly. This is not just a bike for the controlled conditions of the velodrome. This is a road-warrior, a ride that'll keep you slicing through the headwinds on your most challenging long-hauls.

The redesigned profiles, with softened angles, ensure superior performance even when air flow isn't exactly playing nice. Even the front fork gets a makeover, boasting a width increase of 13.6%, resulting in reduced turbulence and better aerodynamics. It’s clear the devil is indeed in the details, and the details of the Filante SLR are hell-bent on speed.

Lightness and response, two factors that can make or break a cyclist's day, are at the heart of the Filante SLR. This ride weighs in at a feather-light 870 grams for the frame, and a complete build tops the scales at a mere 6.8 kg. This lightness doesn’t compromise on stiffness. In fact, the stiffness to weight ratio (STW) has increased by 12.5%, which gives the Filante SLR a precision in handling and a stability at high speeds that will undoubtedly instill confidence in any rider.

Now let's chat about customization. With the ability to install up to 35 mm of spacers under the handlebar, and the capacity for 240 different fittings without overlap, the Filante SLR is a machine that molds to you, not the other way around. Pair that with two seat post options, and you've got a match made in heaven for the discerning cyclist.

The handlebar on this beauty is worth a mention. Crafted from the same carbon as the Wilier 0 SLR, it manages to be lightweight, without compromising an ounce of strength. The integrated cables add to the bike's sleek aesthetic while keeping your controls hassle-free.

For those concerned about tube measurements, the Filante SLR is equipped with the ACCU-FIT system. It's a robust tool to help you define your saddle positioning, considering not only classic values of height, length, and angles but also the more intricate reach & stack data.

Another neat feature is the Mavic Speed Release thru axle system. This nifty addition allows for rapid wheel removal without fully extracting the axle, shaving an average of 7 seconds off wheel change times during races.

In essence, the Filante SLR stands at the intersection of advanced technology and bespoke craftsmanship. It's a sublime blend of speed, aerodynamics, and customizable comfort, making it an enticing choice for the competitive cyclist or the long-distance road warrior. Be ready to shell out a pretty penny though, this flying masterpiece starts at €8,400. But then, excellence seldom comes cheap, does it?


  1. Aerodynamic Excellence: The Filante SLR leverages data from wind tunnel tests and real-world environmental factors to offer superior aerodynamic performance. This includes softened angles and wider fork designs to handle air flow and environmental turbulence.
  2. Lightweight and Stiff: With a frame weighing a mere 870 grams, this bike is exceptionally lightweight. However, this reduction in weight doesn't compromise on stiffness. In fact, the stiffness to weight ratio (STW) increases by 12.5%, which ensures precision and stability at high speeds.
  3. Highly Customizable: The Filante SLR offers 240 different fittings, two seat post options, and up to 35 mm of handlebar spacers. This level of customization ensures a perfect fit for any rider, enhancing comfort and performance.
  4. Advanced Handlebar Design: The integrated, carbon monocoque Filante Bar handlebar is lightweight and houses the brake and derailleur cables, providing a sleek design and optimum grip ergonomics.
  5. Fast Wheel Changes: The Mavic Speed Release thru axle system allows for rapid wheel removal, which can shave off precious seconds during race situations.
  6. Innovative ACCU-FIT System: This feature aids in obtaining the correct saddle positioning, considering various values and measurements, resulting in a better, more personalized fit.


  1. Price: Starting at €8,400, the Filante SLR is not a budget option. Its price might be a significant barrier for casual riders or those on a tighter budget.
  2. Complex Setup: While the customization options are a significant advantage for fit and comfort, they might also lead to a more complex setup process, especially for those not familiar with such detailed adjustments.
  3. Wheelset Variations: Depending on the chosen drivetrain model, the bike comes with different wheelsets which might affect the overall performance and ride quality. Some users might not prefer this discrepancy.
  4. High Maintenance: With its advanced features and high-end components, the Filante SLR might require more maintenance and care compared to less complex models.

Starting €8,400

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