Wilier Adlar: Unleash Off-Road Adventures with MTB-Inspired Gravel Bike Design

MTB-Inspired, Bikepacking-Ready, Lightweight, Versatile, Adventurous

The open road beckons, urging you to saddle up and embark on a journey of self-discovery. And the vehicle for this rite of passage? The Wilier Adlar. It's not just a bike; it's an ever-evolving travel companion, prompting you to see the world and yourself differently after every ride.

Built with the soul of an adventurer, the Adlar isn't just about getting from point A to point B. It's about the evolution that occurs within the journey, the transformation of rider and ride. Every twist, turn, and terrain demands that the rider and bike move as one, seeking the true essence of gravel riding. And the Adlar does it with finesse.

Inspired by the sturdy design of mountain bikes, the Adlar's frame possesses a pronounced reach and a horizontal triangle formation. This not only gifts it with a unique aesthetic but also serves a crucial function – better control. By having a shorter handlebar stem combined with an open 70° steering angle, riders gain enhanced handling, especially on challenging trails, especially when fully loaded.

In the realm of adaptability, the Adlar is a class apart. It's crafted to fit a fork with extra-long blades, paving the way for the installation of a 40mm max travel suspension fork. This is a masterstroke in design, ensuring that while adding the suspension, the frame's geometry remains consistent. Add to this the thoughtful touch of a passage for the dynamo hub cable on the fork's right stem, and it's evident that the Adlar is future-ready. For those who wish to transition between a regular seatpost and a dropper post, the 27.2mm seatpost has you covered.

Now, while the Adlar's frame is a feather-light 1100g, it's designed to shoulder weight like a behemoth. The front and rear carriers channel the weight of bags through the thru axles in the frame and fork. This minimizes structural stress, ensuring longevity and stability, even during demanding journeys. There are ample fixing points that grant stability, and riders have the flexibility to attach an additional bottle holder or tool bag, making the Adlar a true bikepacking marvel.

A standout feature, for me, is the bike's integrated mudguard. Adopting a single-drivetrain transmission, the vertical tube is devoid of derailleur support. The area here has been innovatively reshaped to form a petite integrated mudguard. This keeps splashes at bay while ensuring that your ride remains as efficient as ever.

And speaking of adaptability, the Adlar's tire clearance is genuinely generous. Whether you're a fan of 52mm gravel tires or prefer the robustness of 29 x 2.00″ mountain bike tires, the Adlar accommodates with ease.

Now, Wilier has always been known for their stellar range of gravel bikes. While the Rave SLR is all about speed on gravel races and the Jena is geared for off-road exploits, the Adlar bridges the gap. It pushes the envelope, offering more space for those chunky tires compared to the Jena.

To truly cement its place as the adventurer's bike, the Adlar comes with its own set of bikepacking bags, developed in collaboration with Miss Grape. Made for the wanderer at heart, these bags are purpose-designed to fit the bike seamlessly.

Finally, let's talk about specs and price. Whether you're eyeing the latest 12-speed Shimano GRX or the SRAM Rival XPLR AXS, there's an Adlar for you. Ranging from €3,700 to €5,400, the bike also comes with the option of a bikepacking kit, which includes everything from racks to bags.

In conclusion, the Wilier Adlar isn't just a gravel bike. It's an invitation. An invitation to challenge oneself, to venture into the unknown, and to find meaning in every ride. Here's to the road less traveled and the stories waiting to be told. Happy riding.


  1. Adaptability: Designed to fit a fork with extra-long blades, it's easy to install a 40mm max travel suspension fork without changing the bike's inherent geometry.
  2. MTB-inspired Geometry: Borrowing from mountain bike design ensures better control and handling, especially in off-road conditions. The pronounced reach combined with a 70° steering angle aids in improved handling on challenging terrains.
  3. Lightweight Yet Durable: The frame is a mere 1100g, making it a lightweight choice without compromising on strength. The thru axles that pass through the frame and fork reduce structural stress.
  4. Flexible Storage Options: Multiple fixing points offer riders the ability to attach additional items like a third bottle holder, tool bag, or a top tube bag. Perfect for longer rides or bikepacking adventures.
  5. Integrated Mudguard: A unique design feature, the integrated mudguard helps protect against splashes, enhancing the riding experience, especially in wet or muddy conditions.
  6. Generous Tyre Clearance: The bike can accommodate a range of tire sizes, from 52mm gravel tires to 29 x 2.00″ mountain bike tires, offering riders flexibility based on their terrain and preference.
  7. Bikepacking Ready: With the availability of a bikepacking kit (including front and rear racks and bags), the Adlar is geared for adventurers right out of the box.
  8. Variety of Specs: Available with different specifications including the 12-speed Shimano GRX and SRAM Rival XPLR AXS, catering to a wide range of preferences and budgets.


  1. Single-drivetrain Only: The bike is designed exclusively for a 1x drivetrain, which might not appeal to everyone, especially those who prefer the flexibility of a double-drivetrain.
  2. Price Range: With prices ranging from €3,700 to €5,400, the Adlar might be on the pricier side for some enthusiasts or beginners looking for an entry-level bike.
  3. Specific Geometry: While the MTB-inspired geometry is a plus for many, it might not be ideal for riders looking for traditional gravel bike geometry.
  4. Bikepacking Kit Sold Separately: Even though it’s designed with bikepacking in mind, the complete bikepacking kit is not included in the basic price and needs to be purchased separately, adding to the cost.

From €3,700

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