Watt Wagons Hound ebike – compatible with electric car charging stations

Powerful, off-road, long-range eBike – up to 200 mile range

Watt Wagons HOUND is a game-changer for the electric bicycle industry. This American-made off-road e-bike is crafted with adventure-seekers in mind, offering both the base and Supercharged models to cater to different levels of thrill.

One of the standout aspects of the Watt Wagons HOUND is its compatibility with electric car charging stations. This innovation allows riders to tap into a well-established EV infrastructure, ensuring they can recharge the e-bike quickly and efficiently during their off-road adventures.

Charging the HOUND is a breeze with both a 52V 5A fast charger and an EV charger featuring a J1772 connector, giving multiple options for quickly replenishing that massive battery.

The HOUND's custom-developed frame is optimized for utility riding, featuring an extra-long rear rack for ample storage space and an upright seating posture for added comfort. With 26″ x 4.7″ ultra-fat tires and quad-piston hydraulic disc brakes, riders are ensured a stable, controlled, and safe experience on the roughest terrains.

While the base model HOUND packs a respectable 52V 17Ah battery with 884 Wh capacity, providing up to 80 miles of pedal-assisted range, the Supercharged model takes it to the next level. Boasting a massive 52V 60Ah battery with 3,210 Wh capacity, riders can enjoy up to 200 miles of pedal-assisted range or 100 miles on throttle-only riding.

When it comes to power, the base model is already a force to be reckoned with, thanks to the highly respected Bafang Ultra motor offering 1,000W. However, the Supercharged HOUND ups the ante, replacing the stock controller with an X1 controller, increasing the power to an astonishing 3 kW nominal and 3.5 kW peak.

While it may not be street-legal, the 750W power limit for e-bikes in the US only applies to public roads and cycleways, which is irrelevant for the off-roading adventures the HOUND was built for. Designed after consulting with serious campers and hunters, the HOUND is the ultimate off-road companion. Its ground-up design emphasizes storage and hauling capabilities, and its belt drive system reduces the impact of the elements. With the HOUND, you can equip almost any accessory imaginable for a truly unforgettable adventure.

The Watt Wagons HOUND is a genuine testament to the possibilities of e-bike technology for those who crave adrenaline-fueled escapades. However, as you can imagine, a high-power and extremely long-range electric bike built by a US company comes with a price to match. The base HOUND starts at a steep US $5,499, while the Supercharged version will set you back US $7,999.

Pros of the Watt Wagons HOUND eBike:

  1. Impressive Range: With up to 200 miles of pedal-assisted range on the Supercharged model, the HOUND offers one of the longest ranges in the e-bike industry, enabling extended off-road adventures.
  2. Powerful Motor Options: The base model features a 1,000W Bafang Ultra motor, while the Supercharged model boasts a 3 kW nominal and 3.5 kW peak motor, providing ample power for tackling challenging terrains.
  3. Advanced Charging Options: The HOUND comes with both a 52V 5A fast charger and an EV charger with a J1772 connector, allowing for quick and efficient recharging and compatibility with electric car charging stations.
  4. Robust Design: The custom-developed frame, ultra-fat tires, and quad-piston hydraulic disc brakes ensure a stable, controlled, and safe off-road riding experience.
  5. Versatility: The HOUND's design caters to utility riding, with an extra-long rear rack and compatibility with various accessories for customization.
  6. Low-Maintenance Belt Drive: The belt drive system reduces maintenance requirements and offers a smoother, quieter ride compared to traditional chains.

Cons of the Watt Wagons HOUND eBike:

  1. High Price: The base model HOUND starts at US $5,499, and the Supercharged version is priced at US $7,999, making it an expensive option compared to other e-bikes on the market.
  2. Limited Street-Legal Use: The Supercharged model's motor exceeds the 750W power limit for e-bikes on public roads and cycleways in the US, restricting its use to off-road adventures.
  3. Weight: While not explicitly mentioned, a bike with a powerful motor and large battery is likely to be heavier than average, which could make it more difficult to transport or maneuver when not riding.
  4. Niche Market: The HOUND is designed for off-roading and utility riding, making it less suitable for casual riders or those primarily interested in urban commuting.
  5. High Initial Investment: The HOUND's price may deter potential buyers, especially those who are new to e-bikes or unsure of their long-term commitment to off-road e-biking.
  6. Charging Time: Although the HOUND offers advanced charging options, charging the larger battery on the Supercharged model could still take a significant amount of time, especially when using a standard charger.
  7. Limited Availability: As a specialized e-bike from a US-based company, the Watt Wagons HOUND may have limited availability in certain regions or countries, making it more difficult for interested riders to purchase or receive support for the product.
  8. Learning Curve: The HOUND's powerful motor and unique features may require a learning curve for riders who are new to e-bikes or off-road adventures, as they must become familiar with the bike's performance and handling characteristics.
  9. Potential Maintenance Costs: While the belt drive system is low-maintenance, the HOUND's high-performance components and off-road usage may lead to increased wear and tear, potentially resulting in higher maintenance costs over time.
  10. Bulkiness: With ultra-fat tires and an extra-long rear rack, the HOUND may be more difficult to store or transport compared to more compact e-bikes, particularly in urban settings or confined spaces.

The Supercharged Hound comes standard with EV charging. 
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