VYPER – Taking Foam Rollers to Another Level

Using a foam roller is good before a workout and feels great after. But what if, instead of just the rolling motion, it also vibrates? We imagine it'd be even better and that's what the Vyper does – it's a foam roller that vibrates. It's like one of those massage chairs that use rollers that vibrate; it feels good. Since the Vyper is probably the first of its kind, it's not likely there's independent scientific research to support its benefits yet. However, if it makes you feel better, Hyperice – the guys behind Vyper – has a world renowned expert in movement science, Dr. Mike Clark, as part of the team and is a trusted company that many top athletes rely on for their recovery needs. The Vyper is a Kickstarter project but if it's successful, you can probably count on Hyperice to deliver because of their experience in manufacturing Hyperice products.

$199 Vyper 3

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