Virvolt 900: Economical Leap Into E-Biking With Your Old Bike

Affordable, Sustainable E-Bike Conversion Solution

Well, folks, let's dive into this. You know, in life, we're always on a journey. We journey to find meaning, to find passion, to find connection, and sometimes, we're simply journeying from Point A to Point B. There's beauty in all of it, but one aspect that can elevate the experience is how you get there. Travel isn't just a means to an end; it's an integral part of the narrative. And sometimes, the humbler modes of travel turn out to be the most rewarding ones.

Take the Virvolt 900 for instance. This isn't just a fancy gadget, it's an example of French innovation and craftsmanship at its finest. It's an ode to that humble mode of transport that's been with us for ages – the bicycle. It's economical, sustainable, and designed to be fixed with ease, a breath of fresh air in our increasingly disposable culture. There's a sense of poetry to this kit – a revival, a rebirth of sorts, offering new life and purpose to an old bike.

The numbers are impressive. The kit can get you moving up to 25 km/h with varying levels of assistance, and that's a beautiful sweet spot. Not so fast that the world blurs past you, and not so slow that you're left behind. You're just in the moment, cruising. And with an autonomy of 80 to 120km, depending on your needs, you could find yourself exploring distances you've never considered before.

There's something to be said about this whole notion of electrification too. With a 250 W motor, the Virvolt 900 ensures you have a smooth ride, without sacrificing the joy of pedaling. The torque at 80 Nm keeps the ride strong and steady, a reassuring nod to reliability.

But the folks at Virvolt didn't stop there. They're ensuring you're covered end-to-end, from compatibility checks to pointing you to the nearest partner store for installation. They're making it as seamless as possible for you to embrace this journey towards sustainable mobility.

It's clear that Virvolt is about more than just making a product. They're championing a lifestyle. It's about embracing our beloved planet, choosing a sustainable path, and finding joy in the process. This electrification kit embodies that philosophy, offering a practical, affordable, and earth-conscious solution for your everyday commute or your adventurous streak.

The Virvolt 900 is a call to action. It's an invitation to step into a different rhythm of life, one where we take the time to appreciate the journey and do it sustainably. It’s about saving some green – both in your wallet and on our planet. It's about enhancing what you already own instead of consuming more. It's a call to embrace the old and the new, to move forward, yet not lose touch with our roots. So, get out there, ride, explore, live. The journey awaits.


  1. Economical: One of the biggest advantages of the Virvolt 900 is that it's a cost-effective solution for those looking to convert their existing bike into an e-bike. Priced at €1,225, it's substantially cheaper than a brand-new e-bike which typically costs around €2000. This makes the journey into the e-bike world more accessible.
  2. Sustainability: The Virvolt 900 is designed with sustainability in mind. By repurposing your old bike, it extends its life and reduces waste.
  3. Durability and Repairability: The Virvolt 900 is not only designed to last, but also designed to be repaired. This focus on durability and repairability aligns with a longer-term, more sustainable relationship with the product.
  4. Performance: The kit provides an impressive performance, offering assistance up to 25 km/h and an autonomy of 80 to 120km. With a 250W motor and 80Nm of torque, it gives your bike a significant power boost.
  5. Compatibility: The Virvolt 900 is designed to be compatible with 98% of bicycles. This makes it a versatile solution for a wide range of users.


  1. Installation: The installation process might be a hurdle for some. The company mandates that the installation be carried out by a partner for warranty purposes, which might not be as convenient for some people.
  2. Price for some: While it is cheaper than a new e-bike, the price of €1,225 may still be a significant investment for some individuals.
  3. Limited Power: The motor is capped at 250W, which might not be sufficient for those looking for a high-powered e-bike experience.
  4. Weight: Despite being lightweight in the world of e-bike conversion kits, the addition of 4.8kg to 6kg might still noticeably change the feel of your ride. For some, the added weight might detract from the riding experience.

Overall, the Virvolt 900 represents a balance between cost, sustainability, and performance. Like any product, it has its pros and cons and is best suited to those who value its strengths.


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