Veolo Bike Trailer: The High-Performance Accessory for Cycling Enthusiasts

Sleek, Durable Cycling Innovation

Imagine gliding through city streets or navigating winding forest trails with ease, your gear in tow, seamlessly part of your ride. There's a certain harmony in movement, an extension of the cyclist's will, that's often lost when we attach something as mundane as a trailer. But what if the trailer wasn't just a necessity, but a statement—a testament to design, efficiency, and craftsmanship?

Enter the Veolo, a bike trailer that breaks the mold, marrying aesthetics with functionality. This isn't just any bike trailer; it's a piece of engineering that's as agile and resilient as it is elegant. Crafted in Germany with the precision we've come to expect from such heritage, this trailer is a nod to a future where the bicycle reigns supreme in urban landscapes—a silent champion of weekend escapades and daily errands alike.

Picture the ease of loading up to 80kg of groceries, party supplies, or adventure gear with a simple click into the Veolo. Its low-profile, tubular aluminum frame is not just for looks—it's the foundation of its lightweight yet robust build, tipping the scales at a mere 8.5kg. That's a breath of fresh air compared to the bulkier alternatives.

What truly sets the Veolo apart is its ability to adapt. Its elastomer suspension system, allowing each wheel to move independently, is a silent promise of smooth rides over the roughest terrains. It's as if the Veolo whispers, “Bring on the bumps; we'll glide right over.” And with quick-release wheels, the transition from motion to stowage is a breeze. After the ride, it hangs neatly on a wall mount, its wheels tucked inside—a sleek end to an exhilarating day.

It's not just about the ride, though. There's a conscience behind the construction, with a commitment to fair labor practices and ecological production. The Veolo isn't just made in Germany; it's a testament to sustainable living, a companion for those who seek a carbon-neutral footprint without compromising on style or substance.

For the traveler, the weekend warrior, the eco-conscious urbanite—this trailer is a call to action. It's currently a gem in the making, a Kickstarter dream waiting to be realized. For those who believe in a car-less city, in the joy of the journey, the Veolo isn't just a purchase; it's an investment in a vision, a lifestyle, and the sheer pleasure of the ride.

In a world where every detail counts, where every journey is an adventure, and where our choices define our path, the Veolo stands ready. Ready for the road, ready for the task, ready for the future. It's more than a bike trailer; it's a travel companion that’s in for the long haul, as resilient and ready for adventure as you are.


  1. Lightweight Design: Weighing only 8.5 kg, it is lighter than many other trailers, making it easier to handle and less burdensome on your bike.
  2. High Load Capacity: It can carry up to 80 kg in weight, accommodating more than just the essentials.
  3. Volume Capacity: With a volume capacity of 240 l, it's spacious enough for a variety of items.
  4. Durable Construction: Features a sturdy tubular aluminum frame and an elastomer suspension system to withstand rough terrains.
  5. Quick-Release Wheels: The wheels can be easily and quickly removed, adding convenience for storage and transport.
  6. Aesthetic Appeal: Sleek and modern design that complements a high-performance bike.
  7. Sustainability: Made in Germany with a focus on fair labor and ecological production values.
  8. Versatility: Optional extras like a waterproof bag and rack brackets enhance its functionality for different uses.


  1. Cost: As a premium product, it comes with a higher price tag, especially after the Kickstarter campaign.
  2. Availability: Depending on its success in the Kickstarter campaign, there may be uncertainty about its market availability.
  3. Complexity: With its advanced features, it may require a bit more effort to assemble or disassemble compared to simpler models.
  4. Maintenance: High-performance parts could potentially mean more specialized maintenance or care.
  5. Over-Engineering for Simple Tasks: For users who need a trailer for less demanding tasks, the Veolo may offer more features than necessary, making it an overinvestment.


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