Venom Go provides targeted heat and massage for faster recovery

Heat where you need it

Heat therapy improves circulation and increase blood flow to where it is applied. It can soothe discomfort, increase muscle flexibility, and speed up healing. Venom Go can apply heat therapy to just about anywhere on the body that needs it. It's so small and easy to use that it is more likely to be used than ending up somewhere in the store room.

The Venom Go doesn't just provide heat though. You can choose from 9 combinations of heat and vibration to trouble areas that may have different sensitivities to heat. There are 3 levels from heat: level 1 (105ºF/40ºC), level 2 (109ºF/43ºC), and level 3 (113ºF/45ºC). The optional vibration feature has 3 modes: steady, intermittent, and pattern. Both heat and vibration can be controlled from the device itself or you can connect it to your phone via bluetooth and control it with the Hyperice app.

To use the Venom Go, simply stick on the reusable adhesive and the device itself attaches to it via magnets. You get 3 adhesives in the box, each one can up used up to 20 times. Additional adhesives are available for purchase. The battery lasts up to 1 hour and the device it TSA-approved for carry-on. The case is sold separately.

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