Velocity Etch: Beyond Longboards, RipStiks, and Snowboards

Agile, speedy, portable, innovative, exhilarating

There are times in life when you stumble upon something so unique, so unclassifiable, that it defies all attempts at easy description. The Velocity Etch, my friends, is such an invention. It's a rebel, a rogue, an uncontainable force that seems to thumb its nose at any who try to box it in. This isn't your run-of-the-mill electric longboard. Oh no, it's a monster—a Frankenstein's creature born of electric motors, Canadian maple, and Utah ingenuity.

A skateboarder from Utah, Kevin Ravenberg, took his passion for boarding and fused it with something that's almost supernatural in its agility. Imagine a RipStik had a forbidden love affair with a traditional longboard, and their offspring was then bitten by a radioactive snowboard. That's the Velocity Etch for you.

Now, let's talk power. Those dual 1500-watt electric motors are no joke. Picture yourself tearing through streets or trails at a top speed of 24 mph. Don't worry about keeping up; this thing has stamina, easily carrying you 12 to 15 miles on a single charge, depending on the terrain and your weight. By the way, it doesn't discriminate; whether you're lean or carrying a bit extra, as long as you're under 250 pounds, you're good to go.

The speed and distance would be all for naught if the ride were rough, but the Etch has you covered. It's built to handle hills like a champ, with a grade capacity of 35%. Those 6.5-inch pneumatic all-terrain wheels are the real heroes here, promising a ride that's smooth and, dare I say, almost luxurious.

Here's where it gets really interesting—maneuverability. You can't help but notice the two-part laminated Canadian maple deck. Its segmented design means each section tilts independently along the axis of a shared steel torsion bar. That's the real game-changer, my friends. You can tighten the rear truck for high-speed stability while steering with just the front. The result? You're not just riding; you're carving through the world, making each trip an exercise in artistic expression.

Worried about that dreaded speed wobble? Forget about it. The patented design of the Velocity Etch promises to keep you balanced, making overcorrections a thing of the past. This thing was engineered to keep you upright, even when you hit that pesky pothole or an unexpected patch of gravel.

One more thing—let's talk convenience. This isn't just a board; it's a travel companion. And like any good companion, it knows when to give you space. Disassemble it, and it fits neatly into a large backpack, meaning you can take it pretty much anywhere, from the coffee shop to your college campus.

Priced at a planned retail cost of $1,399, this is a serious investment. But believe me, what you're getting is worth every penny. For those willing to put in an early pledge, you can snag it for $959, and honestly, that's a steal for what this piece of engineering wizardry offers.

In a world that often seems hell-bent on putting us all into neat little boxes, the Velocity Etch is a siren call to the wild, untamable spirits among us. If you've ever wanted to turn your commute into a joyride, or your joyride into a sublime experience, then this is your ticket. Like the best things in life, it refuses to be categorized. And that, my friends, is something worth celebrating.


  1. High Speed and Range: With dual 1500W motors, a top speed of 24 mph, and a range of 12-15 miles based on the rider and terrain, the Velocity Etch offers both speed and stamina.
  2. Innovative Design: The two-part laminated Canadian maple deck allows for a unique carving experience, combining the stability of a longboard and the agility of a RipStik.
  3. Terrain Versatility: Its 6.5-inch all-terrain wheels and a 35% hill climb grade capability make it adaptable to a variety of environments, from flat roads to hilly terrains.
  4. Enhanced Stability: The patent-pending design helps reduce speed wobble and increases balance, particularly useful at high speeds or on uneven ground.
  5. Portable: The board can be disassembled into three pieces and stored in a large backpack, making it convenient for on-the-go use.
  6. Strong Build: Made of Canadian maple and a steel torsion bar, it can support a maximum weight of 250 pounds, making it accessible to a wider range of people.
  7. Early Bird Discount: Those willing to pledge early can get the board at a considerably lower price ($959) compared to the retail price of $1,399.


  1. Price: Even with the early bird discount, the Velocity Etch is a significant investment at $959, and it retails for $1,399.
  2. Learning Curve: Despite being easier to learn compared to a two-wheeled RipStik, newcomers may still find it challenging to master the unique maneuverability features.
  3. Weight: Although designed to be portable, the board itself weighs 24 pounds, which some might find cumbersome to carry, even when disassembled.
  4. Battery Life: The 12-15 mile range is contingent on factors like the rider's weight and the terrain, which means your mileage may vary.
  5. Niche Product: Its unique design and features might not appeal to everyone, particularly those looking for a more traditional longboarding experience.
  6. Availability: As of now, the Velocity Etch is still in the funding stage, so there's no guarantee it will reach production, putting early backers at risk.
  7. Unknown Long-Term Durability: Given that it's a new product, there's limited information on how the board will perform in the long run or under extended use.

From $1,399

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