Veload Velocity: Revolutionizing Urban Logistics with Dual Rider Design & Impressive Payload Capacity

Efficient, Sustainable, Powerful, Innovative, and Versatile

This is a unique manifestation of innovation and utility in one, an offering from the German mobility company, Veload. Picture this: a cargo quadcycle, a fusion of utility and modernity that takes the grind out of heavy lifting. Enter the Velocity, an electric-assist quadcycle that accommodates not just one, but two riders, doubling the pedaling power and making hauling heavy loads feel like a breeze.

The beauty of the Velocity lies in its design: two adjustable ergonomic seats, two SRAM Centera chain-drive drivetrains both linked to the rear axle. Now, here's where it gets interesting: the left-hand rider is the commander, holding responsibility for steering, shifting between a nine-gear system, and activating four hydraulic disc brakes, all via a single set of handlebars. It's a testament to the saying: with great power, comes great responsibility.

The Velocity isn't all about manpower, though. It's electrically-assisted with a Heinzmann CargoPower R111 rear hub motor that adds a solid 25 Nm (18 lb ft) of torque, offering a top speed of 25 km/h (16 mph). With one 10-hour charge of its 1,400-Wh lithium iron phosphate battery, you're looking at a range of up to 60 km (37 miles) – and a regenerative braking system helps push that figure even further.

The carrying capacity is a feat in itself, compatible with EUR-standard pallets and boxes. It can handle a payload up to 200 kg (441 lb), with a total rider and cargo weight cap of 300 kg (661 lb). And fear not, lone riders; it functions perfectly with just one pedaler. The Velocity itself is a sturdy 130 kg (287 lb), and it stretches out 2.8 meters long by 1.25 m wide (110 by 49 in).

But it doesn't stop at hauling. The Velocity is a treasure trove of features: a full front and rear lighting system (including turn indicators), a 230-volt socket for charging or powering electronic devices, and rear coil-spring suspension. It's not just a quadcycle; it's a symbol of forward-thinking mobility.

At a price point of €14,042 (about US$15,364), it might seem a steep investment, but consider the advantages: clean, green transportation that helps you leave a smaller carbon footprint, a cargo hauling solution that scales where traditional vehicles can't go, a means of efficient urban mobility and logistics.

Be it carting your crates of fresh produce, helping an employee without a driving license to tackle green waste removal, or offering a cheap and ecological way of getting around town with your family, the Velocity connects the advantages of a bicycle with that of a car. It simplifies city logistics and mobility, enabling you to carry bulky items securely, or even giving you a helping hand when moving house.

The Velocity can even be adapted to carry other types of payloads. Consider using it for camping trips, taking advantage of its 230-volt onboard socket. Imagine using it for gardening, with its compatibility with the modular EURO boxes or Euro-pallet system. The possibilities are as diverse as the tasks you have to handle daily.

In short, the Velocity is a testament to Veload's commitment to climate-neutral mobility and logistics. It's an offering that is not just unique but incredibly forward-thinking. It exemplifies the future of urban mobility, taking us a step closer to a sustainable, convenient future.


  1. Dual Rider Capabilities: The Velocity can be operated by one or two riders, doubling pedaling power and making it easier to transport heavy loads.
  2. Electric Assistance: The inclusion of a rear hub motor adds a significant power boost, allowing for easier and faster travel, even when carrying heavy loads.
  3. Cargo Capacity: With compatibility to EUR-standard pallets and boxes, it has a maximum payload of 200 kg, making it an ideal choice for moving heavy items across town.
  4. Regenerative Braking: This system increases the range of the Velocity, adding an element of efficiency to the quadcycle.
  5. Additional Features: Full front and rear lighting systems, a 230-volt socket for powering devices, and rear coil-spring suspension add to the vehicle's overall usability.
  6. Green Alternative: This quadcycle offers a more eco-friendly alternative to traditional vehicles, contributing to sustainability and reducing carbon footprint.


  1. Price: The Velocity is priced at €14,042 (about US$15,364), which may be steep for some users, especially for a non-traditional vehicle.
  2. Weight Limitations: Although the payload limit is impressive, the total weight (including riders and cargo) can't exceed 300 kg. This might limit some users, especially if two riders are heavy or the cargo is substantial.
  3. Size: At 2.8 meters long by 1.25 m wide, it may be cumbersome to maneuver in tight urban spaces, and storage could be a challenge.
  4. Long Charging Time: The battery requires a 10-hour charge, which could be inconvenient for frequent or impatient users.
  5. Riding Responsibilities: The left-hand rider has control over steering, gear shifting, and braking. While this centralization of control might be beneficial in some scenarios, it could also be burdensome or daunting for the left rider.
  6. Limited Speed: The top assisted speed is 25 km/h, which might be slower than what some users desire or need, especially for long distances or time-sensitive deliveries.

€14,042 (about US$15,364)

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