Vanmoof S4 and X4: A Symphony of Style and Substance

Innovative, secure, customizable, stylish e-bikes

Ah, the allure of the open road. Freedom encapsulated in two wheels and a frame. The VanMoof S4 and X4 are the quintessence of this notion. These aren't just bicycles; they're an invitation to experience the world anew, a conduit to the sheer, intoxicating joy of riding.

Four new colors, you say? Well, that's a dash of vibrancy right there. Picture the Sunbeam Yellow, cutting a swath through the grey concrete of the city. It's a head-turner alright, a joyous rebellion against the mundane.

Now, let's talk about the Turbo Boost. It's like strapping a rocket to your back, a surge of power at your fingertips. Hitting that button is akin to tasting the adrenaline of acceleration, the thrill of the wind against your face. It's a grin-inducing experience, the kind that gives life its flavor.

Security? Ingenious. No more jingling keys or complex locks. A tap on the Kick Lock activates the alarm and secures the bike. The built-in anti-theft features, including tamper detection and GSM location tracking, feel like having a personal bodyguard for your bicycle. The phrase “sleeping like a baby” comes to mind.

The VanMoof S4 & X4 are replete with rider-renowned features and rigorously tested tech, perfect for the everyday rider. The S4, with its iconic design and thicker tires, is built to cover ground swiftly, making the journey as exciting as the destination. The X4, on the other hand, is your nimble navigator, its compact wheels and agile handling perfect for threading through the urban jungle.

And the customizable options – ah, the cherry on top. From the removable PowerBank extending your ride to the practical Front and Rear Carriers, every feature is designed with the rider's comfort and convenience in mind.

The VanMoof S4 & X4 are not just products; they're a philosophy. It's about redefining the journey, about finding joy in the ride. And isn't that what we're all after in the end? The thrill of the ride, the freedom of the open road, the world whizzing by. It's not just about getting there, it's about how you get there. And with these bicycles, the ‘how' is just as exciting as the ‘where'.

So, saddle up, hit that Turbo Boost, and paint the town whatever color you fancy. The world is waiting.


  1. Innovative Design: The VanMoof S4 and X4 boast a minimalist yet striking design. The available colors add a personalized touch, making the bike not just a mode of transportation but a style statement.
  2. Boost Function: The Turbo Boost feature provides instant acceleration, offering a thrilling ride and aiding in quick navigation through traffic.
  3. Security Features: The integrated Kick Lock, alarm system, and GSM location tracking provide comprehensive security for your bike. This is a significant advantage in urban areas where bike theft is common.
  4. Customizable Accessories: The optional accessories such as the PowerBank, Front and Rear Carriers offer added convenience and extend the bike's functionality.
  5. Service and Support: The company's Peace of Mind services, including the Bike Doctor and Bike Hunters, ensure that you're never off the road for long, and in case of theft, there's a solid plan to recover or replace your bike.


  1. Weight: At 47.6 lbs, these bikes are quite heavy. This could make it difficult for some riders to maneuver, especially in situations like carrying the bike up stairs.
  2. Non-Removable Battery: The battery is built into the bike and can't be removed. This means you can't carry a spare battery for longer rides and will have to find a charging point once the battery runs out.
  3. Price: The upfront cost, as well as the additional costs for the Peace of Mind services and accessories, might be a deterrent for some buyers. The bikes are an investment and might not fit everyone's budget.
  4. Limited Physical Locking: While the Kick Lock secures the back wheel, there may still be a need for a traditional lock to secure the bike frame to a fixed object.
  5. Range Variance: The listed range for the bike (37-87 miles) is quite broad, meaning the actual mileage could vary significantly depending on the riding conditions and usage of features like Turbo Boost. This could be an issue for riders who require a consistent, dependable range for their commutes.

Remember, an e-bike's suitability greatly depends on personal needs and preferences. The VanMoof S4 and X4 offer a host of innovative features that many urban riders would find appealing, but it's essential to consider the potential drawbacks before making a decision.

Update on Vanmoof (Bankrupt):

The world of e-bikes has been dealt a hard blow as Dutch manufacturer VanMoof, often held in the same regard as the illustrious Tesla for its cutting-edge design, has been declared bankrupt. Their coveted €2,000 offerings were a thing of beauty and had no shortage of admirers. But, in this story, looks weren't everything.

Plagued by a myriad of quality control issues – we're talking faulty brakes, unstable wheels, even mystifying error codes that could render the bikes inoperable – it was clear that, under the sheen, there were cracks forming. Now, these aren't minor teething problems; these are serious, ride-disrupting issues. Each one could have been a roadblock on the journey to making their e-bikes a worldwide sensation.

Their growing pains became alarmingly clear when their sales rocketed during the pandemic. You'd think that'd be a good problem to have, but the mass of new orders only shone a harsher light on their problems. The growing flood of repair orders swamped their service centers, leaving many customers in the lurch.

Throw in a few design missteps and it starts to look like a snowball effect. The company's eco-friendly packaging overhaul, while a laudable move, resulted in a flimsier box that was less expensive to ship but failed to protect the bikes during transport. The result was a raft of damaged goods and, you guessed it, even more repair orders.

VanMoof's current predicament leaves a lot of questions for those who have invested in their bikes or were planning to. Brand stores are shuttered and if your e-bike is currently in for service, you may find it remains untouched. Spare parts are MIA. It's a waiting game now, to see how this tangled situation unfolds.

For those who are worried about their e-bikes turning into expensive paperweights, there's some solace. The company reassures that their bikes will remain operational and rideable, with ongoing support for their apps and servers. Still, it's a cautionary tale about the perils of too-rapid expansion and the necessity of robust quality control in product development.

Remember to create a backup unlock code, as the company suggests. It'll keep your wheels spinning, at least for now. The road from here is unclear, but it's a poignant reminder that the ride of progress can sometimes have unexpected bumps and sharp turns.

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