Urwahn Stadtfuchs eBike: Ultimate Urban Ride – Discover City Cycling Like Never Before

Sleek, Innovative, Urban, Smooth, Powerful

The city streets can be a merciless battlefield, but for the modern urban warrior, the Stadtfuchs eBike is like a well-sharpened sword. This is no mere mechanical contraption; it's a finely-tuned creature bred to tackle the concrete jungle, day in and day out.

Equipped with an innovative softride frame, it doesn't merely roll on the asphalt; it glides, absorbing the city's scars and flaws. Its 40 Nm torque-powered electric rear-wheel drive thrusts it forward with determination and grace, covering a distance of up to 62 miles. Run out of juice? No worries. The optional range extender can support another 25 to 37 miles. The city streets never end, and neither does the Stadtfuchs.

Navigating those dark alleyways or dimly lit roads, the integrated LED light system takes on impending threats from a distance. As for the thieving magpies of the urban landscape, the smart theft protection keeps them at bay, guarding the customized components that make this bike yours.

Now let's dive into some features that take the Stadtfuchs into another dimension.

Unconventional and innovative, the softride frame is inspired by nature and sets new standards. The rear wheel is suspended elastically, providing a smooth ride that counteracts road irregularities without additional suspension. Agility meets comfort here. Purists will appreciate the depth of the design, and tech enthusiasts will find their heart rate rising with excitement.

Underneath that steel skeleton, the MAHLE ebikemotion electric powerhouse remains hidden, but it's there, throbbing, ready to assist you dynamically for up to 62 miles. Smart Bike App connectivity and tracking make this bike a part of the modern digital age, while an unobtrusive LED light system illuminates your path.

A minimalist appearance combined with sophisticated functions further characterizes the Stadtfuchs. The integrated LED front light makes obstacles visible long before they can become a problem. And the 3D-printed Softride steel frame showcases a technological leap towards the future, providing explosive propulsion.

The 5-Dot-Led-Matrix integrated in the saddle post keeps you visible in the bustling urban chaos. An integrated battery unit of 250 Watt-hours discreetly hidden in the frame, a powerful rear motor, and a nearly silent Gates Carbon Drive CDX belt drive emphasize the stealth and efficiency of this urban glider.

Stopping power comes from the robust Shimano hydraulic brake system, and the comfortable saddle promises pressure-free seating. Continental Grand Prix Urban tires provide perfect grip, and optional accessories like aluminum fenders fit seamlessly into the overall design.

The Stadtfuchs eBike isn't just a mode of transportation; it's an extension of the urban explorer. With prices starting at €4,799 or comfortable monthly installments from €100, this bike beckons to the adventurer in all of us, challenging us to truly conquer our urban environments.

In the city's never-ending hustle and bustle, amid the noise, confusion, and perpetual motion, the Stadtfuchs stands as a statement of defiance, agility, and elegance. It's not just an eBike; it's a way of life. Get on it, and feel the city in a way you never have before. Unleash the fox in you.


  1. Innovative Softride Frame: Provides a smooth ride, easing bumps and irregularities on the road.
  2. Versatile Adaptability: Designed for the city, it's a bike that's meant to handle various urban conditions.
  3. Powerful Electric Rear-Wheel Drive: With 40 Nm of torque, it offers a strong and persistent performance for up to 100 km.
  4. Optional Range Extender: For those longer rides, this feature can add another 40 to 60 kilometers to your journey.
  5. Smart Theft Protection: Integrated GPS tracking and secure attachments keep your bike safe from potential thieves.
  6. Light System & Integrated Design: The integrated LED light system adds visibility, while the overall design focuses on aesthetic appeal and functionality.
  7. Customization Options: From frame color to specific parts, the bike can be tailored to the individual's preferences.
  8. Eco-friendly Belt Drive: Quiet and virtually maintenance-free, this system offers more longevity than a traditional chain.
  9. Hydraulic Brake System: Ensures strong and reliable stopping power.
  10. Comprehensive Comfort Features: Comfortable saddle, all-weather tires, and ergonomic design cater to a smooth and enjoyable riding experience.
  11. Optional Add-ons: From a range extender to elegant mudguards, there are plenty of ways to personalize and enhance the ride.


  1. Price Point: Starting at €4,799 (or monthly installments of 100 €), it might be considered expensive for some budgets.
  2. Weight: At 14 kg, it is relatively lightweight for an eBike but may still be heavy for some users to handle without power assistance.
  3. Complexity of Features: With so many integrated and advanced features, there may be a learning curve for those new to eBikes or tech-savvy cycling.
  4. Availability of Local Service: Being regionally produced, there might be concerns about obtaining service or parts if you're located outside the service area.
  5. Limited Off-Road Capability: Although it's versatile within urban environments, it may not be suitable for heavy off-road or rugged terrain use.
  6. Battery Charging Time: Up to 4 hours to fully charge might be inconvenient for some users.

In all, the Stadtfuchs eBike offers a richly featured and customizable ride, suited for urban environments with its innovative design and technology. The potential concerns lie in its price, weight, complexity for those new to such a feature-rich eBike, and some limitations in versatility. It's a blend of style, comfort, and modern technology – a suave chariot for the concrete jungle. If you're an urban explorer with a thirst for innovation, this might just be your next ride.


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