Urtopia Chord: The Piano-Inspired eBike Redefining Urban Mobility

Elegant eBike Blends Art and Technology

What a fascinating creation. As a lover of well-crafted marvels, both technologically and aesthetically, it thrills me to introduce the Urtopia Chord ebike. This electric bicycle is a symphony of style and innovation, mirroring a familiar masterpiece of music and artistry – the piano. With its graceful curves and clean, white finish, the Chord echoes the minimalistic elegance of its muse while bringing an unprecedented dash of urban sophistication to the city streets. The result? An ebike that stands apart, a harmonious fusion of form and function that reverberates with creativity and ingenuity.

In the tradition of finely tailored suits, the Urtopia Chord comes in two frame options: The Chord, a high-step version designed for those 170cm – 195cm tall, and the Chord X, a step-through version for those 160cm – 185cm. Each frame is crafted via liquid forging, a process known for producing seamlessly connected shapes and superior strength with a high degree of design versatility.

When it comes to performance, this ebike doesn't pull any punches. It packs a punch with 45 NM of torque, supported by an adaptive torque sensor that adjusts power output based on your pedaling, promising a smooth and intuitive ride. A single charge offers an impressive range of 120km, making this the perfect ride for both leisurely jaunts and bustling city commutes.

The Urtopia Chord ebike further impresses with a suite of smart features. With built-in navigation, you can bid farewell to fumbling with your phone on a tiny screen. The addition of fingerprint unlock offers a convenient, keyless start, while Bluetooth music capabilities transform every ride into a personal concert. For peace of mind, GPS tracking secures your bike against theft. As for the voice control, it adds an enjoyable and interactive element to your journey.

What's more, the Chord receives regular OTA updates, ensuring it always performs at its best. And when it comes to after-service, Urtopia has an extensive network of authorized repair shops across major cities in Germany. Not to mention a 14-day free return policy and a 2-year warranty, testifying to Urtopia's confidence in their creation.

The inspiration for this idea comes from the Croatian pianist Maksim. His deep connection with music parallels the Chord's link to the urban soundscape. It's a powerful testament to the harmony of art and technology, and a unique approach to urban mobility.

To put it simply, the Urtopia Chord is more than an ebike; it's a moving piece of art, a testament to the power of creativity and the potential of technology. It's for those who value the blend of innovation and elegance, who look for a seamless transition between the concert hall and the city streets. For those who aren't afraid to make a statement. For those who believe that a journey can be as beautiful as the destination. The Urtopia Chord ebike is for you.


  1. Stunning Design: Inspired by the elegance of a piano, its sleek, curved form is a significant departure from traditional e-bike designs. This aesthetic could appeal to users who value style as much as functionality.
  2. Two Frame Options: The Chord and Chord X cater to different height ranges (170cm – 195cm and 160cm – 185cm, respectively), offering an optimal fit for a broad spectrum of riders.
  3. Innovative Manufacturing: Liquid forging used for the frame provides seamless shapes, design flexibility, and superior strength with casting-like accuracy.
  4. Performance and Range: With 45 NM of torque and a 120km range, the Chord offers both power and endurance.
  5. Smart Features: Built-in navigation, fingerprint unlock, Bluetooth music, voice control, and GPS anti-theft make for a feature-rich, user-friendly experience.
  6. After-Sales Service: Over 20 authorized repair shops across major cities in Germany, 14-day free return policy, and a 2-year warranty ensure reliable support and service.


  1. Price: Priced at €2,299.99, the Urtopia Chord ebike falls on the expensive side. This may deter potential buyers looking for budget-friendly options.
  2. Size: The overall length of the bike is 1800 mm, which might make it challenging to navigate or park in very crowded areas.
  3. Height Limitations: While the two frame options cater to different height ranges, they might not accommodate riders who fall below 160cm or above 195cm.
  4. Limited Geographical Support: While the after-sales service is comprehensive in Germany, it's unclear if this level of service extends internationally. Buyers outside of Germany might face difficulties if repairs or servicing are required.
  5. Battery Dependency: The extensive list of smart features could drain the battery faster, limiting the bike's range if used extensively.

Remember, the overall evaluation of pros and cons largely depends on individual needs and preferences. For someone who values cutting-edge design, advanced features, and doesn't mind a higher price tag, the Urtopia Chord ebike could be an excellent investment.


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