Unleash Urban Freedom: OXFO OX1, The Stylish Fold&Roll E-Bike

Stylish, lightweight, long-range urban e-bike

There's a certain allure to this two-wheeled machine that goes beyond mere function. It's not just about getting from point A to B. No, this is a machine that promises a redefinition of urban mobility, a complete paradigm shift from what we've been accustomed to. This, my friends, is the OXFO OX1.

You see, the OXFO OX1 isn't your run-of-the-mill E-bike. It's a vehicle for liberation, for escape, for a bit of joy in the mundanity of city life. This isn't a bike that's built solely for speed or power, but rather a well-rounded solution for the modern urban dweller.

There's an elegance to its design – simple, streamlined, yet incredibly stylish. The unibody design is an absolute work of art, and the hidden cables make it a true wolf in sheep's clothing. With its magnesium alloy frame, it's lighter than a feather on the wind and tougher than your grandma's cast-iron skillet. This isn't a bike, it's an engineering marvel.

The 250W motor may not make it the speediest stallion in the stable, but it's still got plenty of kick. Plus, it's been calibrated perfectly to meet legal requirements and ensure your safety. Remember, this isn't about speed; it's about convenience and accessibility. It's about tackling hills and enjoying a breezy ride without the dreaded sweat-stains.

The OXFO OX1 is the embodiment of practicality and style. The folding design and lightweight build allow for easy transportation. Commuting is no longer a chore but a joyride. Trains, buses, cafes, elevators – your OXFO can accompany you everywhere. And with a range of 135km, you've got enough juice to make the city your playground.

What truly sets the OXFO OX1 apart, however, is the innovative torque sensor system. The bike can literally sense your will, adjusting the assist power as necessary. There's an uncanny, almost telepathic connection between rider and machine, providing a cycling experience that's unparalleled.

In conclusion, the OXFO OX1 is an elegant solution to urban commuting. It's stylish, lightweight, versatile, and simply a joy to ride. It's a blend of innovation and elegance that transforms mundane commutes into thrilling escapades. For those in search of an E-bike that delivers both performance and panache, the OXFO OX1 is an excellent choice.


  1. Stylish and Sleek Design: The patented unibody design is eye-catching and appealing. The hidden cables provide a clean, neat aesthetic that disguises its identity as an e-bike.
  2. Lightweight and Portable: With a weight of only 16.5kg, the OXFO OX1 is easy to carry and transport. This is further enhanced by its fold-and-roll feature, which makes it convenient for urban commuting, including taking it onto public transportation or storing it under a desk.
  3. Long Range: With a range of up to 135km, the OXFO OX1 can handle lengthy commutes or extended rides.
  4. Durable Construction: The magnesium alloy frame is light but exceptionally sturdy, rivalling the strength of steel, aluminum, and titanium frames.
  5. Advanced Features: Features such as the torque sensor, rear absorber, and smart motor contribute to an improved, comfortable, and efficient riding experience.


  1. Cost: While the Indiegogo price of $1,359 is significantly cheaper than the MSRP of $2,230, it is still a relatively high price point for an e-bike. Potential buyers will need to consider whether the features and quality of the OXFO OX1 justify its cost.
  2. Power Limitations: The 250W motor is adequate for most urban riders, but for those looking for more power or speed, this might be a limitation.
  3. Battery Charge Time: The details on battery charge time are not specified, and this could be a concern for potential users who would want to know how long it takes to recharge fully.
  4. Maintenance: As with all e-bikes, the OXFO OX1 may require more maintenance than a regular bicycle due to its complex electrical components.
  5. Availability of Replacement Parts: Depending on where you live, it may be difficult to find replacement parts or repair services for this specific model if needed.

Overall, the OXFO OX1 seems to offer significant value for its cost, especially considering its design, portability, and advanced features. However, potential buyers should weigh these advantages against the potential drawbacks to make an informed decision.


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