Ultima Multipath: The E-Bike That Adapts to You

Innovative, adaptable, eco-friendly e-bike

Ah, the open road – there's nothing quite like it. And what better way to explore it than on the Ultima Multipath e-bike? This French marvel is designed with a focus on accessibility, adaptability, and sustainability, ensuring a smooth ride no matter where your adventures take you.

The use of recycled plastic alloy and cutting-edge monocoque injected technology results in a lightweight, durable frame. This eco-conscious approach makes me appreciate the bike even more, knowing that it's crafted with the planet in mind.

Powering the Multipath is a choice of two battery configurations, offering an impressive range depending on your needs. With up to 105 km in Eco mode, I can't help but dream of the endless possibilities for exploration.

The genius behind this e-bike lies in its adaptability. With a one-size-fits-all frame, it's perfect for riders of all shapes and sizes. Families and friends can share the joy of cycling without worrying about frame sizing.

The integrated Valeo Smart eBike System adds another level of sophistication. Its automatic transmission and intuitive display ensure a seamless riding experience, while multiple sensors and predictive software keep things smooth and efficient.

The icing on the cake is the range of customizable options, from cargo forks for hauling goods or little ones to the urban-friendly Flex Fork. The ability to change and upgrade the bike over time only adds to its appeal.

All in all, the Ultima Multipath e-bike is an innovative, versatile, and environmentally friendly choice for those looking to enhance their cycling experience. It's a testament to European ingenuity, and I can't wait to see more people embracing this incredible piece of technology.


  1. Eco-friendly materials: The use of recycled plastic alloy for the frame and a focus on European materials and technology reflect a commitment to sustainability.
  2. Adaptability: The one-size-fits-all frame accommodates riders from 140cm to 190cm tall, making it a versatile option for families and friends.
  3. Customization: The Multipath offers various configurations and accessories, allowing riders to tailor the e-bike to their specific needs and preferences.
  4. Long-range battery options: Two battery configurations provide impressive range, with the long-range option offering up to 105km in Eco mode.
  5. Advanced technology: The Valeo Smart eBike System, automatic transmission, and predictive software work together to create an intuitive, seamless riding experience.
  6. Upgradeable components: The option to change and upgrade components over time, such as forks, ensures that the e-bike can adapt to the rider's evolving needs.


  1. Price: Starting at €3449, the Ultima Multipath may not be affordable for everyone, especially those on a tight budget.
  2. Potential learning curve: With advanced technology and multiple features, some riders may require time to become familiar with the system and its operation.
  3. Limited off-road capabilities: Although it can handle urban environments and gravel paths, the Multipath may not be suitable for more challenging off-road adventures.
  4. Battery charging: Riders must plan their trips carefully to ensure they don't run out of battery power, especially on longer journeys.
  5. Maintenance and repair availability: While the e-bike offers aftermarket services, the accessibility and availability of these services may vary depending on the location.
  6. Potential weight increase with accessories: Adding components such as cargo forks or suspension systems could increase the overall weight of the e-bike, which could affect handling and performance.
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