Truvativ DESCENDANT CoLab Troy Lee Designs Carbon Enduro Riser Bar

Imagine this: you're ripping through a forest trail, the taste of adrenaline on your lips, the thunderous applause of leaves beneath your tires, the wind a concerto in your ears. And what's that unsung hero making this moment possible? The humble riser bar, your tactile liaison with the beast beneath, the translator of your will into motion.

Take a gander at the Truativ Descendant Carbon Riser Bar. No mere appendage, this is a testament to thoughtful design and function. A subtle 5mm added to the rise of the widest version of this riser bar means the difference between a ride that ends with grimaces or grins. A boost in riding position, enhanced feel, reduced arm fatigue—it's the formula for pure, unadulterated enjoyment on two wheels.

The meticulous refinement in this bar’s carbon laminate – a seemingly minute tweak – is a symphony of engineering finesse, fine-tuning the noise absorption whilst keeping that stiffness we all desire in our rides. It's like riding on a wave of silence, your course dictated by the trail's whisper, not its roar.

Now, to address the elephant in the room: the $194 price tag. Don't balk. Consider this an investment, not just in your ride, but in your experience, your pleasure, your memories. You wouldn't skimp on a fine wine, would you? Then why do it with your ride?

Offered in two widths (760mm and 800mm) and two rises (20mm and 25mm), this bar caters to all riders and rides, a universal key to unlock your bike's potential. It's super-wide to start, but offers a trimmable option by 40mm, a customizability that adds a touch of personal charm to your ride.

The Descendant CoLab is made with proven materials, sporting the stylish flair of Troy Lee Designs, with a width optimized for trail, enduro, and aggressive xc. Boasting a 20mm rise, 5° upsweep, and 7° backsweep in a 750mm width, this bar offers a comfortable grip, better control, and a tasteful touch of aesthetic brilliance.

This bar isn't just for the casual trail rider. It's for the adventurous, the boundary-pushers, those for whom the trail is an invitation, not a boundary. It's for those who understand that true freedom is found not in speed, but in control, in the harmony between rider and ride. It's for the thrill-seekers, the moment-makers, the story-tellers, and, yes, it's for you.


  1. Improved Riding Experience: By adding 5mm to the rise, this riser bar improves your riding position. This ensures enhanced feel, reduced arm fatigue, and ultimately, a better overall experience on the trails.
  2. Noise Absorption: The bar's specialty tuned carbon laminate helps in absorbing noise while maintaining stiffness. It's an upgrade that ensures your ride is smooth and silent.
  3. Customizable Width: Available in two widths—760mm and 800mm—the bar can be trimmed by 40mm (20mm on each side). This allows riders to personalize their bar to their specific needs and preferences.
  4. Versatility: The bar is optimized for a variety of riding styles, including trail, enduro, and aggressive cross country (xc). This makes it a versatile addition to nearly any mountain bike setup.
  5. Proven Design: The Descendant CoLab combines trusted materials and design with the stylish flair of Troy Lee Designs. It's a bar that is as visually pleasing as it is functional.


  1. Price Point: At $194, the Truativ Descendant Carbon Riser Bar is not the most affordable option on the market. This could be a deterrent for riders with a tighter budget.
  2. Limited Color Option: The bar is only available in black. For riders who enjoy personalizing their bikes with different colors, this could be seen as a disadvantage.
  3. Potential Overkill for Casual Riders: Given its high-end features and price point, this bar may offer more than what casual or beginner riders need. Such riders may not fully utilize or appreciate its features.
  4. Weight Concerns: Although made of carbon, the bar weighs in at 219g. While not excessively heavy, there are lighter options available on the market, which may appeal to riders seeking to minimize overall bike weight.


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