TruckHouse BCR: Redefining Luxury Off-Grid Living in a Carbon Camper

High-Tech, Luxury, Off-Grid Adventure

There's something almost spiritually invigorating about being out in the great, vast wilderness. It's that very concept that seems to have birthed Nevada startup, TruckHouse's latest brainchild, the BCR.

This wonder-machine goes beyond the company's original Toyota Tacoma-based BCT, an already impressive rig. The BCR is a step up, featuring the latest of their carbon fiber camper design, implanted on the beefy chassis of a Ram 3500. But it's no ordinary 3500—it's a fully enhanced Prospector from American Expedition Vehicles (AEV).

Aesthetically, the BCR doesn't hold back. It's massive, powerful, and unapologetically assertive. It whispers of EarthRoamer, although the heart of it harks back to the Sunrader. TruckHouse isn't the first to use the Prospector as a base for expedition motorhomes—many have tried, few have succeeded as well as they have.

The BCR rides high on AEV's top-tier Ram 3500 Prospector XL package, featuring a 3-in DualSport RT suspension upgrade and massive 40-inch tires. These features, paired with the bumper ready for a winch and a 74-gallon fuel tank, make this rig a true go-anywhere behemoth, ready to take on the wilderness.

Inside, the BCR is no less impressive. It boasts a spacious, open plan sleeping arrangement for four, complete with a king-size cabover bed and a rear dinette that transforms into a full-size bed. Alongside this, expect a kitchen loaded with an induction cooktop, convection oven/microwave, marine fridge/freezer, and a large sink. The bathroom, equipped with a shower and choice of toilet type, balances the necessities of comfort with the raw power of the BCR's off-road capabilities.

The BCR is also geared for off-grid autonomy, with a powerful lithium battery bank wired to all onboard appliances. An integrated Starlink connection ensures you're never entirely cut off from the world, allowing a seamless transition between work and play. All in all, it's a setup designed to encourage freedom, the breaking of chains and the shattering of monotony.

CEO and co-founder Matt Linder eloquently sums up the BCR as a means of taking customers further – in both a literal and metaphorical sense. It's about expanding horizons, pushing boundaries, and embracing the unknown.

It's clear that the TruckHouse BCR isn't just a vehicle. It's a lifeline to a new way of living—one where the open road, uncharted paths, and the embrace of nature reign supreme. And for those drawn to the call of the wild, the promise of adventure and exploration, it seems the BCR is the perfect companion. Preordering is open, so if you're ready to take that leap, this might just be your next grand adventure.


  1. Rugged Design: The TruckHouse BCR has been built atop the chassis of a Ram 3500, a known performer in rough terrains. It's capable of traversing almost any landscape, making it ideal for off-grid adventures.
  2. High-Tech Features: The BCR comes with state-of-the-art features like vacuum-infused carbon fiber living modules, “HiPR” foils for better aerodynamics, and flush-mounted dual-pane windows for optimal insulation and aesthetics.
  3. Luxurious Comfort: Despite being a rugged, off-grid vehicle, the BCR offers a level of comfort that includes a king-size bed, a fully-equipped kitchen, and a wet bath. It can comfortably accommodate four people.
  4. Off-Grid Capabilities: With its powerful lithium battery bank and built-in Starlink compatibility, the BCR ensures you won't have to compromise on connectivity even in the remotest of locations.
  5. Large Fuel Capacity: The 74-gallon fuel tank ensures long distances can be covered without frequent stops for refueling.


  1. Size and Weight: The BCR, being large and imposing, may not be the easiest to maneuver in certain terrains or tight spots.
  2. Price Point: The expected high price tag, considering the $350,000 base price for the Tacoma BCT, means it will only be accessible to a select few.
  3. Maintenance: The advanced features and specialty equipment used in the BCR could potentially lead to high maintenance costs in the long run.
  4. Availability: The first deliveries aren't planned until Spring 2024, which means interested parties will need to be patient.
  5. Interior Design Not Yet Revealed: As of now, TruckHouse has not fully disclosed the interior plans for the BCR, making it challenging for potential buyers to make a fully informed decision.


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